35 easy dinner recipes when you’re stuck for ideas

These are quick, easy and delicious.

If you’re looking for easy dinner recipes, look no further because we’ve rounded up enough simple dinners to last you a month (or more). Forget slaving away in the kitchen on busy weeknights; it’s time to embrace cooking smarter, not harder.

Some of the easiest dinner recipes include stir fries, pasta and air fryer recipes. Just because these recipes save you time doesn’t mean you will miss out on flavour. Each easy dinner recipe has been tried and tested and will be sure to impress even the fussiest of mouths. 

Featuring all the classics and more, some of these recipes can be adjusted for one or two people and take only 10 minutes.

35 easy dinner recipes

1. Chicken schnitzels with crunchy slaw

chicken schnitzel easy dinner

This flavorful and satisfying Vietnamese chicken noodle soup is an excellent choice for lunch and dinner. With 25g of protein and 5g of fibre, it’s a dish worth incorporating into your regular meals.

2. Honey soy beef

honey soy beef easy dinner recipe

Discover a delightful honey soy beef recipe that’s both diabetic and budget-friendly. With a quick 10-minute preparation and 10-minute cooking time, this dish serves two and boasts Asian flavours that will please even the pickiest eaters. Make it a staple in your collection of go-to easy dinner recipes for a delicious and accessible meal option.

3. Pumpkin mac ‘n’ cheese

pumpkin mac and cheese easy dinner idea

This cheesy delight will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters, and you can count on having leftovers for later.

4. Chicken pho

chicken pho easy dinner recipe

This comforting and substantial Vietnamese chicken noodle soup is ideal for lunch or dinner. With a generous 25g of protein and 5g of fibre, it’s a dish worth incorporating into your meals more frequently.

5. Ginger fish stir fry

ginger fish stiry fry easy dinner recipe

Lively and aromatic, this dish featuring white fish is rich in green elements, including chilli, zucchini, pak choy, and lemongrass. It serves as an excellent choice when you’re looking for a light, refreshing, easy meal option.

6. Tofu, lemongrass and Vietnamese mint stir-fry

tofu lemongrass stir fry for easy dinner recipe

Whether you follow a vegetarian diet or not, you’ll enjoy this lively noodle dish featuring wholesome tofu and nuts, complemented by the freshness of aromatic herbs. Have this easy dinner ready in less than 30 minutes, too. 

7. Chickpea and zucchini fritters

chickpea fritters easy dinner idea

Fry up a fritter for a light and zesty mid-week dinner with garden-fresh flavour.

8. Linguine with creamy mushroom sauce

mushroom linguine easy dinner

Ready in 25 minutes, this easy dinner combines mushrooms’ natural, earthy taste with a velvety sauce to elevate your pasta dish to a royal and creamy delight!

9. Chilli salted beef with mushrooms and flat noodles

cilli beef with flat noodles easy dinner recipe

Feeling drained in the middle of the week? Rather than resorting to your usual Thai takeout, consider this quick and straightforward Asian-inspired dish that promises both health and freshness! The best part is it only takes 30 minutes to make. 

10. Mushroom soup with toastie on top

mushroom soup

Enhance the comforting appeal of a generous bowl of hearty soup by adding a goat’s cheese toastie on top.

11. Chicken enchilada pasta

chicken enchilada pasta easy dinner idea

This pasta dish with a Mexican twist is speedy, simple, and incredibly tasty. The shell-shaped pasta serves as the ideal carrier for soaking up the rich cheesy sauce, but feel free to opt for your preferred fresh or dried pasta.

12. One pot penne pork bolognese

one pot pork bolognese easy dinner idea

It’s budget-friendly and simple – in this recipe, you toss everything, including the pasta, into a large saucepan!

13. Prawn linguine with zucchini, anchovy, mint and chilli

prawn linguinie easy dinner recipe

Creating a stunning seafood pasta dish is remarkably easy. This light and creamy meal can be served in just 20 minutes, making it an ideal choice for entertaining guests!

14. Tuna and veg pasta mornay

tuna mornay pasta easy dinner recipe

A timeless and traditional pasta bake that’s sure to please the entire family. Our tuna, vegetable, and pasta mornay create an ideal weeknight dinner. Utilize any remaining cooked small pasta you have for this recipe.

15. Chicken lo mein

chicken lo mein easy dinner recipe

Prepare this traditional Chinese meal on any day of the week. It’s a quick stir-fry featuring chicken, assorted vegetables, an authentic homemade sauce, and delicious noodles. Enjoy every bite!

16. Caponata and burrata pasta with crispy fried capers

burrata pasta easy dinner recipe

Reduce the need for additional dishes by cooking the dry spaghetti directly in the sauce – a perfect one-pan dinner solution!

17. Ragu alla bolognese

ragu bolognese easy dinner idea

Bolognese stands out as one of the most globally recognised and cherished dishes, yet the quality of Bolognese sauces varies. Karen Martini shares her deluxe recipe, elevating the classic dish to a higher standard. 

18. Ranch-style chicken macaroni bake

chicken macaroni bake easy dinner recipe

A quick and easy weekday meal, this Ranch-style chicken macaroni bake is a delightful one-pan tray bake recipe.

19. Karen Martini’s spaghetti carbonara

carbonara easy dinner idea

A dish featuring bacon and eggs is sure to be a hit, and when you incorporate cheese and pasta, it becomes a guaranteed success. While the ingredient list may be modest, Karen will share a few tricks to ensure this dish tastes extraordinary. 

20. Baked beef meatballs with fresh tomato sauce

baked beef meatballs easy dinner

Running low on time? This beef meatball dish bursts with flavour and goes directly into the oven. While substantial enough to serve as a main course, you also have the option to present it as a side dish or pair it with pasta. 

21. Easy pork and pineapple curry

pork and pineapple curry

This delectably simple curry is perfect and can be prepared in no time.

22. Chicken curry with beans and cashews

chicken curry easy dinner recipe

Have this creamy, vibrant chicken curry on the table in next to no time.

23. 10-minute pasta with cheese, garlic and chilli sauce

pasta with cheese garlic and chilli easy dinner

Give this time-efficient pasta a shot with its cheesy garlic and chilli sauce. Additionally, the crispy breadcrumbs contribute a delightful texture to this speedy and fulfilling dish.

24. Lemony hot-smoked salmon pasta with chilli pangrattato

smoked salmon pasta easy dinner recipe

Achieving a flawless balance of luscious hot-smoked salmon, lively seasonal vegetables, and the zesty essence of lemon, this dish crafts a gourmet-quality pasta that is both gratifying and pleasantly tangy within just 20 minutes.

25. Cheesy taco pasta

cheesy taco pasta easy dinner recipe

A cheesy twist on the Italian classic, this cheesy taco pasta can be ready in 35 minutes and serves 6. Complement with salsa for a complete Mexi feast.

26. Lightly-spiced one-pan coconut dhal

coconut dahl easy dinner recipe

This fragrant dish utilises yellow split peas and is so satisfying that additional protein is unnecessary.

27. Nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice): ready in 30 minutes

nasi goreng easy dinner recipe

This dish features perfectly stir-fried rice combined with a delightful mix of veggies, proteins, aromatic spices, and a touch of sweet soy sauce. Top it off with a fried egg for the ultimate, savoury experience!

28. Thai-spiced coconut chicken rice

coconut chicken and rice easy dinner recipe

This flavorful chicken and rice recipe is a satisfying midweek dinner winner.

29. Classic fried rice

classic fried rice

While fried rice might appear easy to whip up for a quick dinner, achieving the authentic flavour and texture mastered by your favourite local Chinese restaurant involves specific details. Fast Ed shows you how.

30. Curried sausages

curried sausages

It’s an old-school favourite that’s perfect for a mid-week dinner. And you can have it on the table in 30 minutes. 

31. Chicken and cheese tacos

chicken and cheese tacos easy dinner recipe

These delectable mini tacos featuring chipotle chicken offer an explosion of flavours and are the perfect easy dinner.

32. Air fryer beef fajitas with spicy parmesan corn

air fryer fajitas easy dinner recipe

Introduce the delectable flavours of Tex-Mex cuisine to your dining table with this air-fried extravaganza.

33. Meatball and risoni bake

meatball risoni bake easy dinner idea

A wholesome casserole that caters to the whole family, this meatball and risoni bake is a one-pan marvel, sure to please any crowd on any given day of the week.

34. Easy sausage casserole

sausage casserole easy dinner recipes

This slow-cooked sausage casserole is a wholesome delight, loaded with nutrient-packed zucchini and kale. The beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity – spend just 10 minutes assembling the ingredients in the tray, then let the oven take care of the rest.

35. Chicken pad thai

chicken pad thai

There’s no need to ring your local Thai takeaway. Here’s how to make your own pad Thai.

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