Before & After: An outdoor entertainment area makeover

Graham Ross gives this deck an outdoor cafe feel, with plantings of herbs, vegies and flowers.
Deck makeover - before
Before: Not set up for entertaining

Why not plant an edible garden and hang baskets to complete your cafe-style kitchen servery? It’s the perfect place to be while the kids play safely in the backyard!

WATCH: Graham Ross gives this entertainment area a cafe-style makeover

Plants used

  • Tuscan kale
  • Silverbeet
  • Perennial basil
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Polyanthus
  • Marigold
Deck makeover - before
Before: Not set up for entertaining

1. Seating

Outdoor entertaining makeover
(Credit: Sue Ferris)

Add built-in bench eats and a standing bar to the mix and you’ll be the proud owner of the perfect entertainer. You’ll love the variety of places to eat, drink and socialise in your delightful decked area. 

2. Add colour

Deck makeover
(Credit: Sue Ferris)

Position your sun-loving herbs and veg just beyond the roofline, for maximum exposure. Include a potted lemon tree and, for extra colour, throw in a few pink-leaved ornamental kale plants to brighten things up. 

3. Barbecue

(Credit: Sue Ferris)

Think about where to position your barbecue. Place it in view – and within earshot – of people standing inside to make communication oh-so-easy: “That will be two steaks medium-rare please!”

4. Create a space to relax

Hanging chair
(Credit: Sue Ferris)

Add a woven hanging egg chair and fill it with cushions to create your all-important relaxation zone. 

5. Storage

Outdoor deck makeover

Create extra storage for toys by making tables out of plastic tubs and bamboo lids (cut from bamboo benchtops).

6. Details

Outdoor bar
(Credit: Sue Ferris)

Create extra benchtop space for the barbecue with a timber stand-up bar. The perfect place to chat over a drink.

Now read about the cafe-style kitchen makeover here.

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