The cheapest kitchen renovation – and it’s gorgeous!

Your complete step-by-step guide to this budget beauty.
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It’s the most expensive room in the house to renovate, but also the highest in demand for day to day living needs. Yep, it’s the kitchen.

So how do you renovate or, in this case, build a kitchen with very little cash? Adam and Juliet set out to create a kitchen with op shop to free finds, and super cheap old furniture online. The result is mind blowing. Even if you’re not up for doing a full kitchen, there will be projects in this one that will inspire you to give at least a little bit of it a go.

Let’s take a look at the before and after, and then get into the nitty-gritty of each DIY project!


Before our budget kitchen reno (Credit: Alan Jensen/


The glorious after! (Credit: Alan Jensen/

There are three amazing projects that involve upcycling furniture, easy building and DIYing your way to a beautiful, and very functional kitchen. Take a look at each project below, and update your kitchen with functional and aesthetic pieces: 

Easy steps to fit a kitchen from upcycled furniture

(Credit: Alan Jensen/

Your dream kitchen is only a couple of steps away, and a couple of pieces of upcycled furniture as well! This cabinet is the perfect addition to your storage space and adds a quirky, vintage charm to your design.

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Easy steps to build a corner cabinet

(Credit: Alan Jensen/

A corner cabinet will ease your worries about a lack of storage space. And this one is oh so cute with a gingham curtain! 

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Easy steps to your portable breakfast bar

(Credit: Alan Jensen/

An old dresser may look a little drab, but turning it into a portable breakfast bar is sure to fancy up your kitchen! With an additional hinged half-moon table, this DIY is a great addition. 

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