How to make a portable breakfast bar

A clever upcycling project using an old dresser.
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An inexpensive kitchen renovation doesn’t usually mean custom kitchen pieces, but this DIY is taking you into the unknown! 

WATCH: Juliet and Adam make a portable breakfast bar

Converting an old dresser into a portable breakfast bar may seem like a tricky task, but Adam and Juliet show you how it can be a walk in the park! This oh-so-pretty piece of furniture easily folds and stows away when brekkie is over, but not before everyone can admire it’s beauty!

This portable breakfast bar is perfect for a morning coffee, and can be put away after brekkie is done! (Credit: Alan Jensen/

Gather your supplies

  • 1200 x 600 x 19mm Tasmanian oak panel
  • Brass piano hinge (2)
  • 40mm socket castor wheels (4)

You’ll also need

Step 1

Step 1 (Credit: Alan Jensen/

To make a folding leaf, measure, mark and cut a Tasmanian oak panel to 450mm depth and the same length as top of dresser with tape measure, pencil, combination square and circular saw.

With 4mm timber strip, bend a curve to line up ends with back corners of panel. Hold in place with nails, then trace the curve onto panel with pencil. Remove strip and nails, then cut along pencil line with jigsaw. Use one of the 2 offcuts for a folding bracket. Sand edges of leaf panel. 

Step 2

Flip dresser and drill into centre and insert sockets on all legs. Set castor inserts aside.

Step 3

Step 3A (Credit: Alan Jensen/
Step 3B (Credit: Alan Jensen/

Trim piano hinge to length of dresser with snips, then line up on straight edge of leaf and mark screw holes. Predrill holes and attach piano hinge to leaf.

Line up hinge to edge of dresser top (at back of dresser), and repeat method to attach leaf. Attach bracket to centre of dresser back with piano hinge, so when extended, the leaf is flat. Prepare and paint your piece. To complete, attach towel hooks to side and insert castor inserts to sockets.

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