30 easy chicken recipes that will be on the table in under an hour

Chicken dinner winners!

If chicken is on the menu this week, then we have you covered with these delicious easy chicken recipes. 

From breast to thigh, there’s lots to love about serving chicken for dinner. It is nutritious and can be cooked in many ways, from grilling, roasting, frying and baking. Not to mention, its mild flavour can easily be enhanced with spices, marinades, sauces, and seasonings, making it adaptable to different cuisines and palates.

With easy chicken meals like Colin’s unbeatable chicken schnitzel, air-fried chicken burgers, and chicken meatball carbonara, there’s a chicken dish here to suit everyone. The best part is that all of these recipes can be on the table in 60 minutes or less. 

30 easy chicken recipes

1. The easiest chicken tender burgers

chicken tender burger

If you’re looking for something quick and easy for dinner, this satisfying favourite will be on the table in a flash!

2. Colin’s chicken schnitzel

chicken schnitzel

Colin’s chicken schnitzel recipe promises a flavour experience like no other. With a unique blend of ingredients like poppy seeds and quinoa, this dish offers an irresistible crunch that sets it apart from the rest. 

3. Chicken, mango and prosciutto salad

chicken salad

Have this delicious easy dinner ready in just four easy steps.

4. Southern air fried chicken and slaw rolls

southern air fried chicken burger

The secret to this burger isn’t the (delish) blend of herbs and spices but marinating the chicken in buttermilk and the soft, sweet brioche bun. 

5. Thai-spiced coconut chicken rice

spiced coconut chicken

Transform your midweek dinners with this coconut-infused dish that will be ready in just a few simple steps.

6. Apricot chicken rissole bake

apricot chicken bake

Experience a nostalgic favourite with a modern twist in this easy tray-bake rendition.

7. Ranch-style chicken macaroni bake 

chicken and macaroni

A quick and delicious weekday meal awaits with this hearty macaroni bake featuring creamy ranch flavours and crispy bacon bits.

8. Chicken nugget nachos

chicken nugget nachos

Nachos get a makeover with this tempting and hearty weeknight hit. 

9. Chicken piccata

chicken piccata

Originally made with veal, this recipe showcases tender chicken, offering a delightful twist on tradition. 

10. Chicken and red pesto melts

red pesto melts chicken

This dish is a testament to the joy of quick and easy cooking. With just 5 minutes of prep and 15 minutes of cooking time, it serves four and promises to tantalise your taste buds with every bite. 

11. Chicken pizza involtini

chicken pizza involtini chicken recipe

With just 10 minutes of prep and 40 minutes of cooking time, you can have this chicken dinner ready to serve in under an hour.

12. Chicken schnitzels with crunchy slaw

chicken schnitzel with crunchy slaw

Looking for a quick and easy chicken dinner recipe? Fry up ready-crumbed schnitzels until golden brown and toss a bag of kale slaw with fried noodles, apple slices and snow peas for a crunchy salad on the side.

13. Pumpkin, chicken and feta quesadillas

chicken dinner

Packed with wholesome pumpkin, protein-rich chicken, and tangy feta, this is a satisfying easy dinner option. 

14. Lazy butter chicken

lazy butter chicken

This mild curry is everything you need and more. 

15. Chicken lo mein

chicken lo mein

This quick and delicious stir-fry features tender chicken, assorted vegetables, and an authentic homemade sauce.

16. Thai chicken salad

thai chickne salad

With vibrant flavours and vermicelli noodles to soak up the delectable dressing, this dish will become a fast favourite.

17. Chicken Hokkien noodles

hokkien noodles

A quick and easy stir-fry dish that’s ready in less than 30 minutes.

18. Sesame coronation chicken salad

coronocation chicken salad

Inspired by the original chicken sandwich crafted to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

19. Chilli jam chicken and cashew stir fry

chilli jam stir fry

The perfect balance of salty, sweet, and garlicky notes, makes this chicken stir fry better than the rest. 

20. Spicy chicken and snow pea stir-fry

chicken stiry fry with snow peas

Ideal for busy evenings when you’re short on time but still craving a delicious meal.

21. One-pot chicken and mango curry with mango-mint salsa

mango chicken

With refreshing mint-mango salsa, Ed’s revamped mango chicken will always be a dinner winner. 

22. Chicken pad thai

chicken pad thai

Whip up your own delicious pad Thai at home.

23. Chicken risotto

chicken risotto

Turn shredded barbecue chicken and roasted tomatoes into a delightfully simple but flavoursome risotto.

24. Chicken korma

chicken korma

With only six ingredients and a slow cooker, this recipe is a breeze and guarantees a delicious dinner!

25. Vietnamese caramel chicken skewers

chicken skewers

These chicken skewers are incredibly simple to prepare, making them ideal for quick home meals.

26. Italian braised chicken with lemon and olives

italian chicken

Make sure to serve plenty of bread to soak up every bit of the wine-infused sauce.

27. Chicken, bacon, pea and mint spaghetti

chicken spaghetti

This sauce is bursting with flavour.

28. Chicken carbonara meatballs

chicken carbonara meatballs

Take the classic carbonara and make it even more delicious by pairing it with family-friendly meatballs and chorizo.

29. Chicken schnitzel rainbow salad

chicken schnitzwl rainbow sal

This quick weeknight meal can be on the table in a flash. Assemble the salad whilst the chicken schnitzels are in the oven.

30. Chicken schnitzel wraps with garlic avocado dip

chicken schnitzel wrap

Combining fresh and punchy ingredients, this easy dinner solution is a riot of flavour. 

If that’s not enough, try one of these three chicken dinner trends.

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