You can now buy an IV drip to help keep your plants alive

Never forget to water your plants again!

For some of us keeping plants alive is really hard. 

If your main issue is forgetting to water your plant babies, then the Plant Life Support IV System is the product you’ve been waiting for.

As online retailer Indie Rose says on their website, the plant IV is perfect for anyone who is “sick of watching your plants die at the murderous hands of a spouse, a loved one or even yourself…”

“Just hook your plants up to a mini IV drip, fill it with water, adjust the regulator and it will take care of the rest, slowly watering your plant as it needs.”

The Plant IV holds 350 mls of water, is refillable and will set you back $19.

plant life support

“Overwatering is plant murder too”

Earlier this year, the Plant Life Support IV was shared on the Buy From The Bush Facebook page and while most people loved the idea, others weren’t so sure it would help them.  

“This solves nothing. People will just forget to fill this gimmick up, same as they forget to water their plants,” said one commenter. 

Another wrote: “I could try this? But I honestly just think I’m one of those people who just should not own plants.”

Although this product was created to help you keep your plants nice and hydrated, a few green thumbs were quick to point out how easy it would be to overwater your plants with this product too. 

“Overwatering is plant murder too,” said one commenter. 

Thankfully, it comes with a flow regulator so you can work out the best drip rate for your plant.

plant life support

How to tell if you’ve overwatered your plants

If you aren’t sure if your flow rate is too fast it can be tricky to tell if you are overwatering your plants.

Confusingly, the signs of overwatering are very similar to underwatering. If your plant’s stems are becoming a little mushy, you start to notice brown spots on the stems or the leaves are wilting – and the soil feels quite damp. Then it’s very likely you’ve gone and overwatered your plant. 

But you know what they say: if at first you don’t succeed with keeping your plant alive, try and try again! 

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