5 stunning puzzles you’ll want to frame

These puzzles are a work of art!

We know about the mental benefits of doing puzzles. Trying to work out which piece goes where exercises both sides of the brain. Plus, every time you find a missing piece, you get a little hit of dopamine. Yay!

While packing away a finished puzzle was the norm, it no longer has to be. In fact, some puzzles are so lovely they should be kept on your wall. 

Here are five puzzles so stunning that you’ll want to frame them. 

Beautiful puzzles worth framing

1. Day Tripper 1000-piece puzzle by Journey of Something, $64, Hard to Find 

puzzle worth framing
(Credit: Journey of Something)

Each Journey of Something puzzle is designed to relax your mind and beautify your space, including this 1000-piece Day Tripper by Rach Jackson.

Find a selection of their puzzles here.

2. Jungle Afternoons 1000-piece puzzle, $49, Jiggy Puzzles

puzzles to frame
(Credit: Jiggy Puzzles)

The selection of puzzles over at Jiggy Puzzles is phenomenal. The question isn’t about whether you will buy one of these, it’s which one you will buy! Jungle Afternoons is by Belgian illustrator Isabelle Vandeplassch. Her illustrations are meant to remind you of dreams you are sad to have woken up from. All puzzles come with puzzle glue too!

Find Isabella’s puzzle here

3. Verde e Bianco 500 piece puzzle, $70, Bri Hammond

puzzles to frame
(Credit: Bri Hammond)

Photographer Bri Hammond turned some of her favourite travel snaps into puzzles! All of which are perfect for framing and hanging on your wall. 

Find Bri’s puzzles over here.

4. Puzzle Jagun 1000 Piece, $32.90, La La Land

puzzles to frame
(Credit: La La Land)

Contemporary Aboriginal artist Holly Sanders is a proud Bundjalung woman from the North Coast of New South Wales. She aims to share her stories, culture and country through her art. 

Find Holly’s puzzle here

5. Hullabaloo 1000-piece puzzle by Diesel & Dutch, $49.95, Hard to Find

puzzle to frame
(Credit: Diesel & Dutch)

The Hullabaloo puzzle, designed by Milly and Mae, is a carefully cluttered abstract puzzle that will brighten up any room in your home. The handy thing about purchasing a puzzle from Diels and Dutch is that they often design two complimentary puzzles that will feature well together in any room of your home.

Find Milly and Mae’s puzzle over here

puzzles to frame
(Credit: The Astronaut/Jiggy Puzzles)

How do you prepare a puzzle for framing

Now the hard part is over, you’ve finished your puzzle (with no missing pieces), and you’re ready for framing. 

While framing your puzzle without glueing it might be tempting, this isn’t recommended. Puzzle glue can be found online, like this Mod Podge Puzzle Saver Glue, or you can find it at most places where you buy your craft supplies. 

Step. 1 – Flatten the puzzle

Make sure all the pieces are in place with no edges poking out.

Step. 2 – Glue

Apply a thin layer of your glue over the puzzle, making sure you get it in the cracks. Allow time to dry and apply another coat. If you’re using a paintbrush, make sure there are no visible brush strokes. 

Glueing the back side of the puzzle is a personal choice. However – doing so will provide more stability to your puzzle.

Step. 3 – Mount your puzzle

Once your puzzle has dried, it’s recommended that you mount it onto something, like wax paper or foam. Add glue to the back of the puzzle, apply your paper or foam, and let it dry. 

Step. 4 – Frame and hang

Now your puzzle is ready to be framed and placed on the wall!

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