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Steam your way to clean: 5 top-rated steam mops for spick and span floors

Ta-ta, stubborn stains!

The mop is an underrated instrument of cleaning that in all honesty, should get more hype.

Not just the vacuum‘s echo, the mighty mop sanitises the floor and gets rid of grime in a way it’s suction-based counterpart simply could never.

With a slew of different variations of mops on the market – from spray to microfiber to the traditional wring – choosing a mop best suited to your home is a personal endeavour. But in this article, we shine a light on the versatile steam mop.

What are the benefits of using a steam mop?

A steam mop is an effective, eco-friendly and versatile cleaning tool to have in your arsenal that has an array of benefits, inclusive but not limited to:


Steam mops use high-temperature steam to sanitise and clean surfaces – loosening and removing dirt, grime, and bacteria without the need for chemicals.


Since steam mops usually only use water, they are more eco-friendly than traditional cleaning methods that rely on chemical cleaners.


You can use your steam mop to clean not only hard floors but also carpets, upholstery, benches, windows and more.


Over time, using a steam mop can save you money on cleaning supplies since you don’t need to buy chemical cleaners or as many disposable mop pads.

5 best steam mops to shop for sparkling floors

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best steam mops currently available in Australia that will leave your floors looking spick and span.

The best steam mops for pets


Shark steam pocket mop, $299, Myer

An simple solution for fast, easy, and chemical-free deep cleaning of all your home’s hard floors is the Shark steam pocket mop. Its Klik ‘n Flip Technology sanitises 99.9 per cent of bacteria, making it ideal for households with kids and pets. Plus, its double-sided Dirt Grip pads offer are absorbent and quick-drying with strong scrubbing power.

“Love, love, love my Shark stream mop. It’s a game changer… I put a few drops of essential oil in the water container and my whole house smells great,” wrote a reviewer who left five stars.



Shark steam and scrub mop, $319, Bing Lee

This Shark mop is a powerful model that uses steam and rotating pads to remove two times more stubborn stains than traditional steam mops – while also eliminating 99 per cent of bacteria without chemicals. The scrubbing pads (that rotate 150 times per minute) are tough on dirt, but gentle on floors – and they can be washed and reused. What more could you want in a mop?

“We have wooden floors, tiled floors, dogs and kids, so it’s great to have something that requires little effort to use. Cleans very well, much better than my old steam mop which required a lot of muscle to get stains off. I love that you don’t need to use chemicals,” wrote a five-star reviewer.


The best steam mop for tiles


Bissell Select steam mop, $118, Amazon and $168, Appliances Online

This steam mop from Bissell is easy-to-use and durable – plus with a soft microfiber head and scrubber, it’s perfect for cleaning tiled, marble and stone floors. Approved by the National Asthma Council, it’s a great option for households with allergies or asthma.

“Great purchase! Couldn’t believe the dirt it picked up!” wrote a five-star reviewer, “Left my floors looking super clean and not stinky at all!”


The best steam mop for leaving floors dry


Euroflex Vapour M24 floor steam cleaner, $329, The Good Guys

Achieving spotless floors is almost too easy when you have a Euroflex. Its pressurised steam generator produces superheated steam that quickly softens and lifts dirt, while the microfiber pad absorbs it. With Ultra Dry steam technology, your floors dry quickly without leaving water marks.

“It actually cleans your floors instead of push dirt around,” wrote a five-star reviewer, “it is capable of getting through the tougher marks with the stronger forward-facing steam jets, and it is completely streak free!”


The best budget-friendly steam mop


Kogan premium 15-in-1 steam mop, $69.99, Kogan

The Kogan 15-in-1 steam mop is a versatile and eco-friendly tool that can tap in for multiple cleaning appliances. With 15 functions, it easily converts to handheld and comes with various attachments for tackling different cleaning tasks such as mopping hard floors, steaming carpets, scrubbing tiles and grout, cleaning windows and polishing mirrors. A spick and span home is a lot more affordable than you’d think.

“I haven’t used all the attachments yet but I love how it cleans my floors,” wrote a five-star reviewer.


Tips for getting the most out of your steam mop

  • Add a small amount of eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil to the water tank to give your home a refreshing scent while you clean.
  • Avoid using on waxed timber flooring as the heat and moisture can damage the protective coating.
  • Be cautious when using on hardwood and laminate timber flooring. The high-pressure steam can force water into the wood and potentially cause cracks, damage or buckling.
  • Take care when cleaning vinyl flooring – particularly around joins – as frequent use of a steam mop can break down the adhesive and encourage lifting.

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