Colin’s whole roasted snapper with roast tomato dressing is easier than it looks

Find out Colin's super simple cooking method.
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This recipe features whole roasted snapper and a flavourful roast tomato dressing, creating a vibrant and delicious dish perfect for any gathering. 

If you’re not confident about cooking fish on the barbecue, don’t worry. Colin will teach you a super simple method to barbecue a whole snapper that will build your confidence and tickle your tastebuds.

But a delicious fish needs a delicious accompaniment, and Colin’s tomato, capsicum and leafy green dressing is just as easy to make. Served on one tray, this recipe could belong in a cookbook, impressing your family as a mid-week meal or exciting your friends at your next get-together.

Whole roasted snapper




Heat a barbecue grill to medium heat. Grill tomatoes, onion (skin-side up), capsicum and chillies (if desired), until charred and soft. Carefully transfer vegetables to a tray as they are ready, noting they will finish cooking at different times. Discard onion skin (once cooked), then transfer all cooked vegetables to a chopping board and roughly chop.


In a large bowl, combine olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon zest and juice, capers, basil, chard, green onions and flat-leaf parsley. Add chopped hot vegetable mixture and stir to combine. Set aside.


Pat snapper dry with paper towel. Drizzle with extra oil and season. Cook on a hot barbecue for 12 minutes, turning once, or until cooked (snapper may stick a little).


Serve snapper topped with warm tomato dressing.

whole snapper
(Credit: Con Poulos)

Essential kitchen items to make this recipe

  1. Barbecue grill
  2. Large bowl for mixing
  3. Tray for transferring grilled vegetables
  4. Chopping board for chopping vegetables
  5. Knife for chopping vegetables
  6. Tongs for turning the snapper on the barbecue

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