Falling asleep just got easier because Kmart’s $49 weighted blanket is back!

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For something so natural that we do every day, falling asleep can be tricky for some. 

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With stress levels running higher than usual due to the pandemic, it’s likely that sleep is eluding you, too.

Weighted blankets have been dubbed the latest remedy for a sleepless night.

Most weighted blankets go for hundreds of dollars – making them more a luxury than a solution – so Kmart’s $49 version is an affordable option. 

Kmart weighted blanket
(Credit: Kmart)

It turns out the heaviness of a weighted blanket can alleviate anxiety by making you feel safely cocooned – also known as “the hug effect”.

When a person feels embraced, their heart rate lowers and chemicals are triggered in the brain that evoke a sense of calm and relaxation.

Kmart’s weighted blanket weighs 7kg and is recommended for people who weigh between 65-85 kg. If you fall below or above this scale, the rule of thumb is to use a blanket that’s 10 per cent of your body weight.

Woman sleeping happily under doona
(Credit: Getty)

After the blanket dropped in stores and online late last year, it flew off the shelves with many missing out. The product received rave reviews, with Kmart fans taking to Facebook to share their feedback.

“Been wanting one for a while. Saw Kmart had it and snatched one up. I love it, so comforting!” said one.

Another Facebook user revealed they found the Kmart alternative to be great quality despite the much lower price point.

“I have the Kmart one and also a $200 one and I can honestly say you get the same outcome!”

Kmart’s weighted blanket is now available online or in stores now, but be warned: they’re in high demand so if you snooze you might lose.

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