7 of the very best pantry storage ideas

Pantry goals are actually achievable.
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The kitchen pantry is one of your house’s hardest-working storage cupboards. We use it daily, keeping essential things like food and coffee away from bugs and other things. 

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But despite our best efforts, the pantry can end up in disarray. 

One simple way to keep your kitchen cupboard oragnised is to have the right pantry storage.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our favourite pantry storage ideas. 

The best pantry storage ideas

1. Clear containers with labels

pabtry item labels to organise pantry
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The simplest way to keep your pantry organised is to decant your dry goods into clear containers or glass jars and label them. Here’s how to make your own labels

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2. Install a spice rack on the back of the door

spice rack on the back of the foor
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A spice rack is a must. But spices can be stored on the back of the door instead of taking up valuable shelf space. Door racks can be easily installed and are perfect for storing small items like spices. 

3. Pullout storage shelves

pullout storage shelves to organise a kitchen pantry

If you are willing to completely overhaul your pantry, a popular storage hack is to do away with your shelves and install sliding stainless steel shelves instead. They allow you to pull out the contents and access items stored at the back without hassle.

4. Hang hooks

hang baking goods on the back of cupboard door

Like the storage rack on the back of the door for spices, hooks can be hung on the opposite door to store items like oven mitts, measuring cups and spoons. You can also hand up a chalkboard to write a shopping list. 

5. Don’t forget about lighting

Good lighting is essential to see what you have in your pantry. Consider installing battery-powered LED lights like these. Or you could install a motion-sensor light that automatically turns on when you open the pantry door.

6. Under-shelf storage baskets

under shelf storage basket for pantry organisation ideas
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Under-shelf storage baskets can be easily attached underneath a shelf or cabinet to create additional storage space. The best part is there’s no need for tools or drilling into your shelves. They attach to the bottom of a shelf or cabinet using hooks or clips, allowing the basket to hang in place.

7. Install adjustable and stackable storage

stackable storage
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Consider installing adjustable shelves in your pantry to customise the space according to your needs. This way, you can accommodate items of different heights and maximise the available space. Tiered shelves also mean you can see exactly what’s at the back of your pantry. Large storage baskets are also great for the bottom of the pantry for larger items like drink bottles and things that are hard to store. 

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