5 edible Australian native plants you can grow at home

Delicious bush tucker.

Everyone is familiar with easy-to-grow edible plants such as mint, rosemary, thyme and other herbs, but did you know there are a range of native Australian plants that are also edible and can be easily grown at home? These plants are versatile and flavoursome, and can be incorporated into a variety of modern dishes.

Mark Tucek, the director of horticultural consultation service HortBiz, has given us his top 5 easy-to-grow edible Australian native plants.  

1. Native Rivermint

Long used in Aboriginal culture as a flavoursome bushfood, insect repellant and medicinal herb, native rivermint can be used dried or fresh anywhere.

2. Midyim berries

Counted among the most delicious of all the bush tucker plants, midyim berries are similar in taste and appearance to the blueberry and can be used as a substitute for sultanas in apple pies.

3. Native thyme

Type of native mint once used as a medicinal herb, but now more commonly features in cooking and herbal teas, it can be easily dried out at home for seasoning in cooking.

4. Illawarra Plum

Illawarra plums are juicy, pulpy fruits that have a grape-like texture and sweetish, mild pine flavour that is enhanced by cooking and can be used instead of blueberries in muffin recipes.

5. Tucker Bush cherry

In the Summer, this plant produces edible red berries that are apple-like in texture with a mild sweetness. They may be eaten freshly picked from the tree, or made into jams, jellies, muffins, biscuits, cakes and wine.

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