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26 warming soup recipes for winter

The most loved recipes from the BHG archives.
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It’s that time of the year to retreat indoors and get cosy with a warming bowl of hearty soup.

WATCH: Roasted carrot and ginger soup with sour cream and pepitas

Stop reaching for a can of soup from the cupboard when you can easily make a large pot to feed the whole family. Not that there will be leftovers, but you can always make a large batch and keep them in containers in a freezer to defrost on those days when you don’t feel like lifting a finger.

Serve with some crusty bread, or have a whole bowl on its own; nothing is better than being cooped up on the couch with homemade soup.

Drinking hot soup in cold weather helps raise your body temperature. It provides comforting warmth while also offering hydration through its high liquid content and supplying essential nutrients and electrolytes from the vegetables and broth, making it a nutritious and satisfying choice for staying warm and healthy.

Whether pumpkin soup is your favourite or you prefer a chicken soup to warm the soul, we’ve compiled our most popular BHG recipes from over the years. Enjoy!

17 warming winter soup recipes

1. Chicken pho

(Credit: Blaine Moats) (Credit: Blaine Moats)

Warm, hearty, packed with flavour and low in kilojoules. What more could you want from this Vietnamese chicken noodle soup.

2. Italian chicken and borlotti bean soup

italian soup
( (Credit:

With chicken, beans, vegies and cheese, you’re likely to already have all the ingredients at home. Now all you need to do is simmer everything in a large pot for a hearty night in! 

3. Creamy tomato soup


Want to sneak more vegies into your diet? We have the perfect tomato soup recipe for you. It’s creamy, delicious and you won’t be able to stop at one serving.

4. Quick pumpkin soup


Just pop butternut cubes in the microwave with stock, cook for 20 minutes, puree and you’re done! Too easy!

5. Ribollita soup


Ribollita soup is a Tuscan bean soup with big flavours. If you can’t get your hands on fresh borlotti beans, just use dried and soak overnight!

6. Cheer up chicken soup


It’s the traditional way to fight the sniffles, but this homemade remedy tastes amazing, too!

7. Ham hock minestrone


This creation is a fusion of ham hock soup and classic minestrone. Top with parmesan chips and you’ll be converted to this new take on the traditional!

8. Classic chicken soup


You can’t beat a classic. Eating a big bowl of this is like receiving a big warm hug from someone you love!

9. Roast pumpkin soup with Thai flavours


Made with tom yum paste, fish sauce and grated palm sugar, this roast roast pumpkin soup is infused with Thai flavours for a tasty spin on an old favourite.

10. Hearty chicken and barley soup


Served with crusty bread, it’s an old winter favourite the family will love!

11. French onion soup with grilled cheese baguette


There’s no need to brave the cold and head out to a French bistro for this classic entree. Soup it up a notch and add chunks of melted cheesy bread. Yum!

12. Spiced tomato and chilli soup with smoked bacon


A dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of herbs and bacon will keep you coming back for more. Plus, you can mop up every last drop with sourdough.

13. Classic minestrone


Don’t wait for ‘when in Rome’ – do as the Romans do and dish up this cornerstone of Italian cuisine at your dinner table.

14. Potato and leek soup

Potato and leek soup

This soul-soother is right up there with the best. Ladlefuls of bliss.

15. Meatball minestrone

Meatball minestrone

Feeling famished? This hearty concoction of meatballs, barley, beans, veg and herbs will satisfy the emptiest of bellies. Don’t forget to dunk in the foccacia – yum!

16. Meatball minestrone soup with chilli basil pesto

meatball minestrone

Featuring a delightful twist of chilli basil pesto, the meatballs are made using a blend of pork and veal mince, seasoned to perfection with crushed garlic and fragrant flat-leaf parsley. Get the recipe.

17. Moroccan-spiced carrot and cauliflower soup with dukkah bread dippers

Moroccan-spiced carrot and cauliflower soup with dukkah bread dippers

Spice up your soup with harissa – an aromatic North African spice. This hearty soup is also wallet-friendly, with in-season cauliflower and affordable root vegies. Get the recipe.

18. Vegetable soup

vegetable soup

Ditch the hours of simmering for this fast, flavourful and filling vegetable soup.

19. Slow-cooked hearty vegetable and lentil soup

vegetable and lentil winter soup

Go bulky with celery, carrot, barley and lentils, then return home to a beautifully warm bowlful. 

20. Thai-style pumpkin and prawn soup

thai style pumpkin soup

This fragrant broth brings the heat of Asia to your dinner table so you can feel cosy despite the weather outside. 

21. Spinach, broccoli and zucchini soup

broccoli spinach soup

Leftover vegies? Use ’em in this delicious winter soup.

22. Pea and ham soup with roasted parsnip crisps

pea nad ham soup

This hearty soup will have the family looking for seconds.. even thirds!

23. Matzo ball soup

matzo ball soup

Indulge in the comforting flavours of matzo ball soup with this simple and satisfying recipe.

24. Mushroom soup with toastie on top

mushroom soup

A comforting bowl topped with a goat’s cheese toastie. 

25. Lamb shank and barley soup

lamb shank and barley soup

A rich, hearty and comforting soup with tender meat that falls off the bone. Yum!

26. Cauliflower cheese soup

cauliflower cheese soup

Warm up your evenings with this comforting cauliflower cheese soup with golden herb croutons.

Which soup is best?

Determining the best soup will come down to personal preference. However, one contender is chicken noodle soup. It’s a popular choice because it’s comforting, versatile, and used to help soothe colds and ailments.

How to freeze soup

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to freeze soup:

  1. Cool the soup: Allow the soup to cool completely at room temperature. Do not leave it out for too long to avoid bacterial growth.

  2. Choose containers: Select suitable freezer-safe or resealable freezer bags for storing the soup.

  3. Portion the soup: Decide how much soup you want to freeze in each container or bag. 

  4. Fill containers or bags: Ladle the cooled soup into the containers or bags, leaving some space at the top to allow for expansion during freezing.

  5. Label and date: Use a marker to label each container or bag with the soup’s name and the date it was prepared. 

  6. Remove air (if using bags): If using resealable freezer bags, squeeze out excess air before sealing them tightly. This helps prevent freezer burn and preserves the quality of the soup.

  7. Freeze: Place the filled containers or bags in the freezer in a single layer, ensuring they are not overcrowded. 

  8. Stack or arrange: Once the soup is frozen solid, stack the containers or arrange the bags upright to save space in the freezer. 

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