Packing hacks for every type of holiday

From weekend getaways to girls’ trips.

Packing a fully equipped suitcase with everything you need for a vacation, no matter how long or short, is always a tricky thing to get right. Regardless how seasoned a traveller you are, even the most intrepid globetrotter can be guilty of packing an unnecessary amount of clothes, products and appliances.

However, with a few tips, tricks and pieces of advice, you too can become a light traveller who knows exactly what to pack, and what not to pack.

1. The overnighter

If you’re going for a weekend getaway or simply an overnight stay in another city, the best way to keep your overnight bag light is to re-wear the same outfit, and simply pack fresh underwear, socks and tee. No one will notice. If the weather is sweltering hot, opt for dresses or playsuits, as they’re an entire outfit in one, and all you’ll need to pack is one dress, plus underwear! Pack comfy shoes so there’s no need for a swap from heels to flats mid-trip.

If you’re staying at a hotel, don’t bother packing toiletries as most chains supply them in your room. Not only will it save you money buying small travel-sized products, it’ll save you the space of carrying full-size products.

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2. The carry-on only trip

Going to a wedding that’s out of town or some other fancy event that only requires your presence overnight? Then there’s no need to pay for checked luggage, just ensue you pack your carry-on right. Save room by making hair and makeup appointments at your destination, to save you lugging around hair and makeup products.

3. Visiting Family

Heading home for the holidays or a quick mid-year catch up? Don’t pack anything you know you can find at your mother’s/sister’s/brother’s/in-law’s house. This usually includes things like hair dryers, straighteners, curling wands, toothpaste, umbrellas and other such similar items.

4. The girls trip

If you’re planning a girl’s trip, there’s no need to bring multiples of the same products or appliances. Allocate an item to each lady, for example: Sharon can bring a straightener, Karen will bring shampoo and conditioner, Jody can cover the hair dryer, and so on.  

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5. The week-long trip

A week-long trip is too long to rotate the one set of clothes, and too-short a time frame to pop into a laundry on the go. The solution to this problem is a capsule wardrobe. Pick two bottoms, several tops, a jumper and jacket that all go together no matter which way you mix and match them. It’ll be enough clothing to get you through the week without looking scruffy, but a small enough selection to stuff into a carry-on suitcase if necessary.

6. Beach trip

Abandon the makeup and fancy hair appliances and embrace your natural beauty and just pack some tinted moisturiser or BB cream to keep your complexion looking fresh. Keep your luggage light and buy SPF when you get there, and pack two outfits per day, one for the beach, one for evening plans, and keep it all light, simple and similar in style so you can wear one pair of shoes the whole time.

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7. The international holiday

When travelling internationally for any extended period of time its integral that you research the climate, weather and usual environmental behaviour of your destination in advance. Planning a European winter? Pack one very warm and versatile coat that will go with absolutely everything, and one pair of comfortable, reliable and waterproof boots and wear them on the plane. This will save you valuable space in your suitcase that would otherwise be stuffed with oversized coats and winter boots.

Heading for warmer, more tropical shores? Only take one pair of reliable sandals and comfortable walking shoes and pack lightweight outfits that will work seamlessly with both.

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