Joh and Pete visit the amazing Pepper Tree Passive House

Take inspiration from this tree-hugging home.
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It’s hard to get more green credentials when building a home than loving a tree so much it influences the shape of your design. But if that sounds strange, wait until you see the results! Built by a couple who needed more space for a growing family, this granny flat come home office literally wraps around a beloved pepper tree. But the tree isn’t the only green credential, it also has a lush roof covered in plants, is made from many salvaged materials and built to the standard of a Passive House. And if you’re looking for some clever storage ideas, this house won’t let you down.

For more information on the Pepper Tree Passive house, visit the website: Pepper Tree (

For more information on the design and architecture, visit the website: Alexander Symes Architect – Advancing Sustainable Architecture

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