Should you wash new bedsheets before using them?

What do you think?

We all understand the excitement of buying a new set of sheets and wanting to use them right away. But do you need to wash new sheets before use? 

This question sparked a lively discussion on the BHG Facebook page. While some people are happy to pop new sheets straight on the bed, the majority believe you should absolutely wash your new sheets first. 

What happens if you don’t wash sheets before use? 

As one person commented, “Never have, never felt the need. I am still breathing, haven’t come out in a rash, all good.”

Another joked, “I usually wash them first, but not always. I make a point of not eating them, though, just in case 🤣.” 

On the other hand, many people are concerned about the chemical residues left on sheets during manufacturing and shipping, especially if you have sensitive skin.

One Facebook user wrote, “Any fabric that is purchased should be washed first, no matter if it’s sheets or clothing. They all have so many chemicals in them, from bug sprays to anti-mould, which can harm your skin and body.”

Another added, “All fabrics have dressing added to make them look pressed. Always wash first.” 

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What is sizing on new sheets? 

The “dressing” mentioned is known as sizing. Sizing refers to a finishing treatment applied to textiles during the manufacturing process. This involves various substances that enhance the fabric’s appearance, texture, and performance. 

Other reasons to wash new sheets 

Many people can’t stand the smell of new sheets from the package. One user noted, “I wash them first because normally they have a funny smell, and you want your sheets to smell fresh.”

Another agreed, “Wash first. How anyone could sleep in them with how the sheets smell out of the packet is beyond me.” 

Additionally, you don’t know how long your sheets have been collecting dust in a warehouse. As one person pointed out, “You probably could, but Mum taught me to wash them first. Makes sense. They’ve been sitting in packaging on dusty shelves in a warehouse for God knows how long.” 

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Should you wash linen sheets before use? 

Linen sheets, in particular, can benefit from a pre-use wash. Washing helps soften the fabric, remove any residual chemicals or dust, and improve overall comfort and breathability. It also helps eliminate any manufacturing residues that might cause skin irritation. 

While the excitement of new sheets is understandable, washing them first can ensure a cleaner, fresher, and more comfortable sleeping experience. 

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