The ‘magical’ device reviving old clothes and sofas with 40k five-star reviews on Amazon

Farewell, pilling and lint!
Pilling on sofa before and afterPilling on sofa (before) and (after) use with Magictec

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Like accidentally letting a tissue go through the wash or knocking over a cup of tea on the couch, your favourite clothes looking ratty from fabric pilling is one of life’s greatest irritations.

While an otherwise perfectly good cardigan, pair of socks or cushion cover may have once been retired when the pumice stone, scourer or disposable razor methods of removing pilling became too much of a drag, a fabric shaver is a sure-fire way of giving new life to your well-loved pieces.

And as luck would have it, there’s currently one of these handy devices making viral waves on Amazon with over 40 000 positive five-star reviews from people who have tried the shaver out for themselves.

amazon pilling remover before and after
(Before and after shots from Amazon customers using the fabric shaver on a pair of socks and a jacket. Source: Amazon.)

“I never leave reviews but this product is just too good”

The Magictec rechargeable fabric shaver claims to removes lint, fuzz and pilling from clothes and furniture; and the masses are not hesitant in singing their praises of the nifty device:

“I had clothes I was going to get rid of, and this gem has brought them back to life!” wrote a five-star reviewer.

“I never leave reviews but this product is just too good….It didn’t leave any holes or anything, and the product is so cheap. It took 5 minutes to completely transform my sheets back to new. Buy this!!” wrote another.

“Great for snagged clothes, pilled sweaters, fuzzy tees, etc. Also clean up cat scratches on upholstered furniture arms. Remember to always use a circular motion or figure eight. This is magical” a third wrote.

And with reviews like these, it’s clear this product has become a cult buy with good reason.

fabric shaver
(Credit: The ‘magical’ device in question.)

Magictec rechargeable fabric shaver, $32.49 (usually $39.71), Amazon

Travel-friendly, rechargeable and efficient with three razor-sharp blades, this handy shaver might just help you hack your way to a refreshed wardrobe.


What is the cause of fabric pilling?

The biggest culprit of fabric pilling is friction from the fabric rubbing against itself or other surfaces – often occuring when wearing, washing and drying clothes. The composition and construction of the fabric itself – as well as general wear and tear – can also contribute to pesky pilling.

Pilling on sofa before and after
Pilling on sofa (before) and (after) use with Magictec

How do you stop fabric pilling?

While pilling is almost an inevitable part of loving and wearing clothes, you can prevent pilling to some extent by washing clothes inside out and on a gentle cycle to protect the surface of the fabric from friction and damage, air drying clothes to prevent heat damage and avoiding using fabric softener.

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