Neale Whitaker on the best window treatments for your home

5 expert tips for choosing the perfect window coverings for every room.

With so many options in style and material, investing in window treatments for your home can feel like a daunting prospect. Interior designer, television personality and Luxaflex brand partner, Neale Whitaker has plenty of practice choosing (and judging!) the perfect window coverings for every room in the house. We asked Neale for his best tips on selecting just the right choice.

1. Blockout shades for bedrooms will enhance relaxation

“Successful window furnishings balance aesthetics with functionality,” says Neale. “In Australia there is usually a requirement for window furnishings to control both temperature and light, in addition to looking good! Top of the list for bedrooms are blockout and sound insulation – most of us prefer not to be woken by the first rays of sunlight or even the dawn chorus. But there’s also – in my opinion – a need for bedroom furnishings to feel relaxed and restful. In our home and our guest house, we selected Luxaflex Duette Shades for their excellent blockout and thermal control qualities, with sheers that add softness and romance – and diffuse daylight beautifully.”

Neale Whitaker's bedroom Luxaflex window furnishings
Rest assured: by using window coverings that block out light and minimise outside sounds, the bedroom can be turned into a restorative haven of relaxation. (Credit: Luxaflex)

2. In the living room, opt for automated

“Window furnishings will largely be dictated by architectural and interior style, indoor/outdoor flow and elements like views and privacy,” points out Neale. “Choosing the right solution needs to take each of those elements into consideration. But as a rule of thumb, a contemporary Australian family home with indoor/outdoor connection will be well served by automated blinds and shadings that diffuse light, control temperature, and provide privacy and sound insulation when required.”

Neale Whitaker and the best window coverings
Energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing: Luxaflex Duette Shades are engineered to create insulation and lower energy bills by trapping air in distinct pockets. (Credit: Luxaflex)

3. Shutters will work wonders in the kitchen

“If the windows in the kitchen are sufficiently distant from cooking appliances (often the case in large, open-plan living spaces), then there’s no reason why window furnishing choices should be limited,” says Neale. “But remember that fabric window furnishings are far more likely to retain cooking smells and other hazards like grease build-up, even in the most meticulously cleaned kitchen. PolySatin Shutters are a practical option. Not only do they look great and work with many interior styles, but they can be easily wiped clean.”

Kitchen shutters Neale Whitaker
Style and substance: Luxaflex’s PolySatin Plantation Shutters are impervious to moisture, easy to clean and come with a twenty-year warranty. (Credit: Luxaflex)

4. Shades add beauty (and privacy) to the bathroom

“Shadings, shadings, shadings!” recommends Neale. “Luxaflex Duette Shades, Pirouette Shadings and Silhouette Shadings are all perfect for bathrooms as they softly diffuse natural light whilst allowing total privacy. Duette Top Down/Bottom Up Shades are a particularly good solution – especially where there’s a need to combine privacy with an outdoor view. PolySatin Shutters are another great choice for bathrooms as they are easy to clean and offer total privacy. Plus, they look beautiful!”

Blinds in the bathroom
Practical and elegant: designed for both warm and cold climates, Luxaflex Duette Shades allow privacy where you need it while lowering your energy consumption. (Credit: Luxaflex)

5. Extend your indoor/outdoor living space with awnings

“In Australia, we’re lucky to enjoy indoor/outdoor living for much of the year,” says Neale. “Developments in outdoor furniture and lighting have allowed us to create outdoor spaces that match their indoor counterparts and extend the footprint of our homes. But let’s face it, summers can be fierce, and shade is a must for verandahs, decks, gardens and balconies.”

Luxaflex awnings
Rain or shine: the innovative Luxaflex Evo MagnaTrack awning by Luxaflex uses Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets in the side channels to keep the fabric in place whatever the weather. (Credit: Luxaflex)

“The Luxaflex range of awnings – with numerous straight drop and folding arm options – provides perfect solutions for shade, temperature control and privacy.” says Neale. “In our home and guest house we have combined automated folding-arm awnings from the range with an automated Evo Magnatrack awning to add weather protection and shading to our outdoor spaces.”

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