The mistakes you’re making hanging art

Get it right and it will transform a room.

The right artwork – hung in the right place – can transform a room, filling it will colour, pattern and texture. But getting it right can sometimes be tricky.

Here, we’ve talked to the professionals about the five most common mistakes you’re probably making – and how to fix them. 

You’re hanging art too high

This is one of the most common mistakes people make. Hanging your artwork too high can throw off the balance of your room. Art should be hung at eye level. Professionals at art galleries hang the centre of the artwork 150cm from the ground.

Your artwork is crooked

Hanging an artwork from one point can make it crooked. Hang it from two points and keep it secure by using some blu-tack on the back of each bottom corner.

Woman hanging a picture
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You’re using cheap glass

Use the best quality glass you can afford for framing your artworks. Museum glass is the best quality and has low reflection. Watch out for plexi glass in cheap frames that makes an artwork look soft.

Your spacing is inconsistent

When you’re hanging a group of artworks on a wall in a gallery or salon hang, make sure you keep the width between pieces consistent. Trevor Spiers from Spiers Hanging recommends a consistent gap of 2cm to 5cm.

You’re hanging the wire too low

If you position the wire or D rings too low on the back of the artwork, it will jut out from the wall at an angle. Keep it flat against the wall by securing the wire one-third from the top.

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