How to design your own gallery wall

Hang your pictures like a pro with this easy step-by-step guide!

Turn a blank wall into your own gallery, filled with pieces curated and arranged by you. Anything goes – photos, prints, canvases and even mirrors! Composition is key to a successful picture wall and there are lots of decorator’s tricks you can use to make yours gallery-worthy.

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Gallery wall in living room
(Credit: Photography Chris L Jones)

Gallery wall tips

• Before you begin, decide on the style of gallery wall that will suit your home. It could be a symmetrical arrangement or a random-looking display. Your frames can all match in style and colour and just vary in size or each frame could be unique.

• You can mix materials in your gallery wall, such as photos, prints and artworks both framed and unframed and wall-mounted objets d’art such as plates or mirrors.

• Choose your location carefully, taking into account your furniture, any architectural features and vantage points for viewing the wall. If hanging your pictures above a piece of furniture, such as a side table or sofa, make sure the bottom of the lowest frames will be 20cm above it.

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