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Water might be a symbol of calm for some, but in traditional feng shui, the placement of water must be carefully considered especially in the bedroom.

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Jane Langof is a Feng Shui Master at Feng Shui Concepts. She says water amplifies energy, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

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Bedroom feng shui

For that reason, she advises against incorporating water into your bedroom design. 

“The water element is generally yang and active, and I prefer to use it at the front of a building or in active living spaces rather than bedrooms,” she says. 

“My approach is to create serenity in the bedroom using peaceful colours, images and elements. 

“I advise against water beds and also advise against having pictures of water scenes on bedroom walls, particularly if they are choppy waters.”

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Water in feng shui

In traditional feng shui, water is a powerful symbol of wealth and abundance. Instead of using the element in the bedroom, it’s “primarily used to activate the wealth sector of a building,” says Jane.

“I do this by placing a water feature or fountain in a certain area of the home or garden that contains prosperous energy.”

In feng shui, what is the wealth corner?

The wealth sector is unique in every property and is best located in an open and active space like the main entrance or an open-plan living area.

That said, Jane explains locating wealth sector isn’t always straightforward.

“A Feng Shui master will provide valuable insights on where the best energy for wealth is located in your home, based on the unique energy map of your space,” she says. “The energy map is like the horoscope of your home and is determined by several factors, including the orientation of your home (to the degree), the date it was built, and the floor plan.”

It also changes annually. 

“Each year, the annual wealth sector energy in a home will change based on the changing lunar year and animal zodiac sign,” says Jane. “For instance, in 2023 the rabbit year, the annual wealth sector is in the south.”

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Other ways to activate wealth in your home

Jane says there are other ways you can activate wealth in your home according to traditional feng shui.

“The energy flow at your front entrance plays a crucial role in determining your wealth, as it’s where the main energy source enters your home,” she says. 

“Make the front of your home as attractive and appealing as possible and ensure the path to your door is unobstructed to encourage positive energy and opportunities to flow. Have clear number signage, symbolically indicating that energy and opportunities can find you.”

Here are Jane’s tips for free-flowing energy in your home.

  • Keep your entrance clear of clutter. 
  • Avoid having trees and poles directly aligned with the front door.
  • Do not place mirrors directly facing the entrance, as they may reflect energy and opportunities out. 
  • Don’t have stairs that directly face the front entrance – it can also create an energy imbalance.
  • If possible, avoid having the back door and front door alignment or seeing directly out to the back garden from the front door. If this isn’t possible, slowing energy flow using circular light fittings, furniture, and artwork can help. 
  • Having a foyer inside the entrance where energy can collect can also enhance the energy flow in your home.

Importantly, Jane says, “If you notice that your luck seems to have taken a turn for the worse since adding a water feature, consider moving it or switching it off.”

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