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Get cheese and crackers delivered to your office every Friday for free

Until December 13!

Cheese and crackers are the humble mainstay of any polite get-together. Whether it’s an office meeting or wine with friends, cheese and crackers are appropriate for all occasions.

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Unfortunately, The Facts on Snacks Report commissioned by Cracker Barrell has discovered that only 29% of employees said their company regularly organised Friday afternoon snacks, despite 74% of employees claiming that get-togethers over snacks make them feel happier and more connected in the workplace.

To rectify this dire situation, Cracker Barrel is launching #Snacktivism, a movement to bring Friday snacks to offices across Australia and build better relationships between colleagues.

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How to get free cheese and crackers

For a limited time only, employees in Melbourne and Sydney can register at to receive free snack packs to share with their office on Fridays between 29th November until 13th December.

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(Credit: Supplied) (Credit: Supplied)

What’s the point of sharing food at work?

Workplace wellbeing expert and founder of The Happiness Institute, Dr Tim Sharp, also known as Australia’s Dr Happy, said the simple act of sharing snacks between colleagues can do more than just enhance happiness at work.

“The benefits of spending time with colleagues over snacks are often overlooked. It can drive stronger collaboration between teams and encourages employees to connect with other co- workers who you might not normally engage with on a daily basis.”

“The Snacktivism campaign is a fantastic chance for employees to organise snacks for their office and for all to reap the rewards.’’

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