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This store-bought Christmas pudding hack will impress everyone

No one will know the difference.
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Can’t be bothered to make a classic steamed pudding this year? You aren’t alone.

Watch: Mini Christmas pudding hack

The good news is the store-bought Christmas puds of today are pretty tasty, like this Matured Christmas Pudding from WooliesAnd with this hack up your sleeve, it’s possible to make them taste just like a homemade one. 

No one has to know!

How to hack your store-bought Christmas pudding

woolwroths matured christmas pudding
Woolworths Matured Christmas Pudding 700g, $7.00


“Soak it in booze”

Speaking to The Guardian, Andy Bowdy, pastry chef and custard connoisseur, says the key to dressing up your store-bought pudding is to make it “richer”.

To do this, Andy says to “soak it in booze”.

“I would warm the booze up and ladle it over the cake, giving it a booze bath every hour or so, then let it sit in the fridge overnight.”

christmas pudding
(Credit: Getty) (Credit: Getty)

Christmas pudding party trick

For a neat little party trick, Andy says you can try flambéing the pudding at the table. Obviously, be very careful if you deciced to give this a try. 

“If there is enough booze in the pudding, it can light on fire,” Andy says.

“Just make sure it is out before anyone cuts it.”

The alcohol you choose is up to you. Brandy, port or sherry would all work well.

Custard, cream or ice cream?

Is it even a Christmas pudding if it isn’t drowned in custard or cream? Serve warm with double cream or custard dusted with icing sugar. Alternatively, vanilla ice cream also pairs nicely with Christmas pudding – or why not have all three?

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