The latest Kmart hack is pure genius for drying clothes in wet weather

"I need one now.”
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There’s a new Kmart hack doing the rounds online, and it’s pure genius.

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Savvy DIYers have taken to the Facebook page Kmart Hacks and Decor to share a hack that will solve all of your clothes drying problems during winter. 

“Jumped on the clothes airer [hack]… just used the white vinyl to cover the wood-like brackets. I absolutely love it!” Barbara wrote with her images. 

The hack she’s talking about is turning the $79 Kmart deluxe laundry airing station into an indoor clothes line that can put up when you need it and folded down when you don’t. 

kmart air dryer hack

“One of the best hacks by far”

Other commenters in the group couldn’t agree more. 

“Is this from Kmart? Such a good idea. I need one now.” wrote one person. 

“This would have to be one of the best hacks by far,” said another.

clothes drying hack from kmart
(Credit: Barbara Anderson/Facebook)

The difference between Barabara’s Kmart hack and others we’ve seen online is she came up with the billiant idea of covering the wooden brackets with white vinyl. 

“So the wood look finish didn’t match my home,” Barbara told BHG. “So I purchased the white vinyl from Kmart and wrapped it over the top. Was a little fiddly, but worth it.”

She added: “I then fixed it to the wall with a single screw and the top and bottom of each piece. I’ve already used it a couple of times, and it’s perfect. I really like the way it turned out and matches my little Hamptons theme.”

wet clothes in a washing machine that need drying
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How the Kmart laundry airing station hack works

If you still have questions after looking at this hack, you aren’t alone. Here are the most common.

What did you do with the top and middle part of the clothes rack?

In another similar post in Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook group, someone wrote: “We just broke it off – was the easiest way to remove it (literally just twisted and the plastic snapped), they go back against the wall, and you don’t even notice them.”

Does one laundry station make two wall racks?

Yes, it’s $70 for one clothes drying rack, and you make two from it.

What screws do you use?

Most people who have tried this hack said they used wood screws. 

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