Simple hacks to make IKEA furniture look high-end

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Have you always wanted sleek, sophisticated, high-end furniture? British interior design expert Amanda Pollard has revealed 7 simple IKEA hacks that will take your furniture to luxe heaven WITHOUT breaking the bank! 

Replace the handles

Pollard claims that adding a touch of intricate detail to simple cabinets and furniture will instantly give your furniture a luxe feel. 

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Splash of paint

Taking a simple IKEA item and painting them different colours can add a fun, expensive feel to your home. 

Pollard adds, ‘It’s a great way to make organising fun for kids.’

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Layered curtains

‘Window dressings can be expensive, particularly if you’re looking for something that’s thick and luxurious,’ Ms Pollard writes. ‘If you don’t want to blow the budget, however, consider this simple solution. The designer of this bedroom bought three pairs of cotton curtains from Ikea and had them sewn together. 

‘The drapes are now much fuller and give this room a cosy and sumptuous look.’ 

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Spice rack storage 

Taking a $5 spice rack from IKEA is the perfect way to spice up your storage space. Not just limited to kitchen use, spice racks can create fun, interesting and decorative flairs to different rooms. 

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Resize cabinets

Ms Pollard writes: ‘This beautiful floating cabinet looks like a completely bespoke piece, but it’s actually an Ikea cupboard that’s been professionally revamped.

‘The cabinet is from the Besta range of storage furniture, and has been resized by the designer’s cabinet-maker and fitted with new, bespoke handles.’ 

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Pair with high-end

One of the best and easiest ways to make IKEA furniture appear high-end is by pairing it with designer pieces. 

Ms Pollard suggests: ‘If you’re going for a designer look in your own home, make the most of the simple, affordable functionality of Ikea pieces, and spend your money on other items that will elevate your room.’ 

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Finish with fancy fittings

Revamping your basic piece of IKEA furniture with a fancy detailing is the perfect way to add a luxe feel. This black Hemnes bedside table has been fitted with a brass knob to match the warm metallic finishes in the rest of the room. This very easy upgrade lifts the design and helps it to tie in with the dramatic space.

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This article originally appeared on New Idea. 

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