Five alcohol myths you probably believe

Time to bust these myths.
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Myth: Never mix the grape and grain

You might think that mixing different type of alcohol is a recipe for a queasy stomach and sore head but this is not true. Mixing drinks in itself won’t make you ill, rather it’s the amount of alcohol you consume and how fast you consume it.

Myth: Older wine is better

While some wines do mature nicely over time, all wines eventually get to their expiration date. So keep track of that wine collection!

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Myth: A drink before bed will help you sleep

Alcohol might make you sleepy but it actually interferes with normal sleep patterns. You will get less deep, refreshing sleep called REM so you will be more likely to have light sleep riddled with nightmares.

Myth: Sober up with fatty foods

Most people get stuck into fatty foods after drinking, thinking that it will make them feel better. It might lead to indigestion but won’t cure you’re hangover!

Myth: Alcohol kills your brain cells

You might think that your sore head means dying brain cells but this is not true. Research has found that alcohol does reduce communication between neurons in our brain causing behaviour impairments. However, drinking does not kill off entire cells.

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