Spoil your kids with these top subscription boxes they’re sure to love

They deliver cool toys and fun activities to your doorstep every month.
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If you want to keep your kids entertained with fresh and fun new activities every month (without spending an arm and a leg), then gift subscription boxes are right up your alley.

What are monthly subscription boxes?

Subscription boxes are themed packages sent out by a brand/company to subscribers every month. You usually pay a flat fee, then the subscription box providers will ‘curate’ a selection of products to deliver to your home.

Depending on the ‘theme’ of the box, you could get a wide variety of items, such as wine, cheese, makeup, shaving tools, clothes, and more. 

This purchasing model has risen in popularity recently, with hundreds of subscription box companies popping up online in the last few years. This is because subscription boxes are a reliable, affordable, and convenient way to discover new products and try out new things.

Kids playing with toys from a science subscription box
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Are there subscriptions for kids?

Yes! In fact, kids today have a huge selection of subscription boxes to choose from. You can buy book subscription boxes, art subscription boxes, snack subscription boxes, candy subscription boxes, and so much more.

You can narrow down your options based on your child’s age and interests. Some websites offer toys for infants and toddlers, while others have boxes specifically designed for older kids. There are boxes full of science and math experiments, while others are for the arts-inclined. 

When in doubt, get your child involved in choosing their own boxes! It’s a great way to bond with your little one while also guaranteeing that they’ll get something they’ll enjoy.

The best subscription boxes for kids in Australia

yummy crate

Yummy Crate, $35.95 per month, KiwiCo

Want to help your kids gain confidence in the kitchen? With these family-friendly recipes and activities, they can experience the joy of preparing and sharing a meal. All while taking a bite out of big scientific ideas like biology and chemistry in the kitchen.

Designed to foster a love for the true science of cooking, with delicious recipes and enriching activities, your kids can explore hands-on creativity and experimentation in and out of the kitchen.


unicorn fun box

Unicorn Fun Box, approx. $52 per month, Cratejoy

It goes without saying that kids absolutely love all things unicorns. So what better way to surprise them each month than with a box filled with unicorn goodness?

The Unicorn Fun Box makes the perfect gift as it features a storybook insert plus unicorns delivered to your doorstep. It’s sure to put a smile on every face and can be tailored for kids, teens, and even the young at heart adults.


world edition

World Edition, approx. $44 per month, Little Passports

This little box will allow your kids to explore a new country each month through hands-on activities, stories, and souvenirs that spark curiosity and connection. They’ll get all kinds of crafts, puzzles, and treasures delivered each month.


tiny human reads

Tiny Humans Read Box, approx. $46 per month, Cratejoy

Tiny Humans Read is a monthly book box that’s great for newborns to kids all the way up to the age of eight.

Each month you’ll get a collection of whimsical stories for your child, ranging from fun and silly to empowering and inspirational.


play kit

The Companion Play Kit, $195 per quarter, Lovevery

Delivered every two to three months at just the right developmental stage, this Play Kit takes the guesswork out of purchases for parents, supporting each child as they progress through cognitive, motor, social-emotional, coordination, language development and early STEM skills.


superpower academy box

Superpower Academy Box, approx. $44 per month, Cratejoy

Give a gift of superpowers! Expect hands-on projects, comic books and stories of real heroes with the Superpower Academy subscription.

It combines STEM and Social Emotional Learning for kids aged between five and 10, aiming to promote a growth mindset, mindfulness, and skills like dealing with emotions, building confidence and expressing empathy.


Fun and exciting activities for your children – every single month

It’s important for your kids to engage in educational, creative, and enjoyable activities. It helps them develop important skills, sharpen their minds, and express themselves. These subscription boxes don’t just provide toys and activities – they provide an excellent opportunity for your children to learn and grow.

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