10 interior design trends you’ll see everywhere in 2021

New year, new trends.

It’s a new year, which means new interior design trends to explore. So which interior design trends will dominate our homes in 2021? The global pandemic has definitely had an impact on the type of homes we want to create. Rather than pack everything away in the name of minimalism, as we have been for years, we’re now looking to create places filled with objects that reflect our passions, places that facilitate our desire to take up a new hobbies and places that can quickly shift from  to work, play and relaxation. 

We also want to create a home that allows us to catch up safely with friends, family and colleagues by rethinking our outdoor entertaining spaces and our home office setups. There is also an increasing desire to reconnect with nature and interior design, as a result, is moving away from hard lines and edges and veering towards warm neutral tones, organic, curved shapes, floral prints and colour.

Here are 10 interior design trends you can expect to see everywhere in 2021.

1. Warm neutrals

Cool neutral tones like black, white and grey ruled supreme throughout the early 2000s, but the time has come for warm neutrals to have their moment in the spotlight. 

Dulux’s Colour Trend Forecast showcased the Grounded palette, which featured Dulux Pancake Mix and Grey Reflection as warm neutral options to consider this year.

Dining room painted in warm neutral shades by Dulux
(Dulux | Photography: Lisa Cohen | Styling: Bree Leech)

2. Curves and organic shapes

In the 2000s and 2010s, straight lines and hard edges conveyed a feeling of stability and efficiency. Entering a new decade during a global pandemic, we’re looking for interiors that soothe and cocoon.

One way designers are working to achieve this feeling is by embracing curves. You’ll see everything from chunky, curvaceous furniture and rounded edges as well as the return of arched doorways.

Kitchen with curved archway and alcove
(Credit: Getty)

3. A nod to nostalgia

A love of nostalgic interiors will continue in 2021. While mid century modern style and the 70s boho look have both been on-trend for some time, an 80s aesthetic is steadily growing in popularity. 

Prepare to see a whole lot more curved lines, square tiles in bathrooms, and geometric patterns and prints – all elements that make up a distinct 80s look.

4. Colour

Entering the new design decade, you’ll probably feel a little like Dorothy stepping into the land of Oz – there’s finally colour after years living in a monochrome world.

Splashes of bold colour International Klein Blue and Pantone’s 2021 Colour of the Year ‘Illuminating’ yellow are the hues to embrace in 2021. 

5. Curated maximalism

Lockdowns and a shift to working from home has meant that we’ve all spent a lot more time at home lately. Rather than become bored by the same four walls, many have turned to decorating their home in a way that energises, uplifts and inspires – and this means collecting and displaying collected objects, photographs, vases, indoor plants and artwork.

The key here is to make the items look curated, rather than cluttered. To find out exactly how this is done, read Interiors Addict founder (and vignette expert), Jen Bishop’s tips for styling the perfect vignette.

Living room displaying curated maximalism trend
(Credit: Getty)

6. Cottagecore

Reconnecting with nature, a slower pace of living, and a return to simpler hobbies and activities have led a resurgence in the country cottage aesthetic, now referred to online as ‘cottagecore’.

The cottagecore aesthetic comprises whimsical objects, floral prints, natural fabrics, freshly picked flowers, wallpaper and distressed antique furniture.

7. Eye on textiles

Another way to add comfort and style to your home in 2021 is to layer living spaces with tactile textiles. While the obsession with linen bedding continues, we’ll also gravitate to other fabrics, including boucle, velvet and chenille. 

8. Home offices

According to a survey conducted by Roy Morgan, nearly a third of all Australian employees worked from home in 2020. That means having an office space at home is now a must. While dedicated office rooms are wonderful for those with the luxury of space, others have been transforming everything from hallways to upstairs landings into handy office nooks.

Home office with green walls and timber desk
(Credit: Collov Home Design via Unsplash)

9. Room for activities

Making space in our homes for things like baking, boardgames, sewing and making pottery has become a priority and an act of self-care. DIY projects were one of the top Google searches in 2020 and as a result, craft rooms for children and adults alike will become popular home additions. Other activity rooms we may see more frequently in homes are dedicated exercise rooms, yoga rooms and meditation stations. 

Other home design trends that are likely to take hold in 2021 include the use of antibacterial building materials and adaptable home layouts. 

Woman doing yoga indoors
(Credit: Getty)

10. Indoor outdoor living 

For years, Australians have loved the idea of seamless indoor outdoor living spaces. This trend will only continue grow in 2021, with a renewed focus on treating the outdoors as an extension of the home. Fire pits, pergolas, pool cabanas and alfresco dining spaces will be at the top of many home improvement checklists this year. 

Fire pit surrounded by timber bench seating
(Credit: Sue Ferris)

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