The must-have Christmas cookie cutters for your tasty holiday treats

The best Christmas cookie cutters for all of your baking needs.

Finding the perfect shape for your Christmas cookies can be a struggle, especially if you don’t have the right equipment.

There’s no question that Christmas cookies are a staple for the festive season. Whether they’re for an office party, as an edible gift idea, or simply to put out for Santa on Christmas Eve cookies are always a crowd pleaser. Christmas cookie cutters allow you to have beautiful sweet treats that look effortless on the plate.

Creating the perfect Christmas cookie is not just about getting the ingredients right but also about choosing the perfect shape for the occasion. Popular Christmas cookie shapes include angels, reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, candy canes or even just a round shape with fluted edges or patterns on top. For the best results when shaping your Christmas cookies, cookie cutters definitely come in handy.


For those who are without the help of an Xmas cutter, not to worry- you can shape them yourselves! If you’re trying to create a perfect circle, then it’s easy enough to use an egg ring or the rim of a glass. Circles can be turned into Santa faces, baubles or melted snowmen with icing and marshmallows

It can be more tricky to create your angels, candy canes and reindeer. However, one way to get around it is to cut around a template or stencil. Just print or draw your shapes and then place them onto the cookie dough and cut around. Voila! 

If you want to get more creative, there are a couple of methods you can use. The first method involves folding and moulding aluminium foil into the desired shape and glueing the ends together to create your cutter.

Of course, having cookie cutters will give you perfect edges and a better outline of your desired shape. For baking with the kids, homemade may be a fun way to get them involved, but a holiday cookie gift will look flawless when using a pre-made cookie cutter. 

We’ve found the best of the best for Christmas cutters this holiday season, check them out below: 


9-piece Christmas Theme Cookie Cutter Set $39.95, Myer

This 9-piece set will meet all of your cookie cutter Christmas needs from star to candy cane, reindeer, gingerbread man, Christmas tree and more! 



Christmas Cookie Cutters 6 Pack $5 Big W

All the classics are right here in this handy pack and at the bargain price of $5 you’d be hard-pressed to find one more affordable. 



Tree Spatula and Cookie Cutter Set, $14.99 Bed, Bath and Table 

This handy spatula and cookie cutter set meets all of your cookie baking needs. A spatula for all of your stirring, scraping and spreading needs and a cute Christmas tree-shaped cutter to finish it off. 



Wiltshire Snowflake Christmas Cookie Cutter Set, $10 Big W

These simple Christmas cutters set not only nests inside themselves to save on space, the slightly increasing in size snowflakes can be stacked on top of each other to create a gorgeous 3D Christmas tree. 



Christmas 3D Cookie Cutters with Plunger Stamps Set, 6 Pcs Cartoon, $4.99 Amazon 

If you’re looking for something special, these 3D cutters with plunger stamps add extra detail to the festive treats. A cutter embosser is the perfect way to add a little fancy without the hassle of hand-decorating.


etsy-giant-puzzle-cookie cutter

Giant Puzzle Santa Claus $9.39 Etsy 

Eat cookies and make puzzles all at the same time. Combine two of your favourite things and make Christmas even more fun. 


(Credit: BHG Shop)

Christmas Cookie Cutter & Stamp Set, $9.95, BHG Shop

Who wouldn’t like these beautiful cookie shapes for an edible gift? The set of two cookie cutters and stamps from BHG Shop are the perfect addition to your home-baking repertoire!


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