Simple snail trap to keep the critters away

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Though otherwise harmless, it is true that snails can wreak havoc on your garden beds. Which, when you’ve spent months preparing your yard, can be incredibly frustrating!

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No need to put up with these hungry beasts munching their way through your garden. This simple trap is just what you need.

Gather your supplies

  • 90mm dia. PVC pipe (25cm)
  • Galvanised tie wire
  • Lettuce leaves
  • Table salt

You’ll also need

Hand or power saw; wire cutters


  • When using power tools, wear all safety gear required and refer to product instructions.
  • Place traps at edges of beds, where snails enter. 

Here’s how 

Step 1

Using a saw, cut a 25cm length of pipe. Position trap.

Step 2

Use wire cutters to cut a 50cm length of wire. U-bend the middle of wire and place over pipe, pushing wire ends into soil.

Step 3

Put 3–5 lettuce leaves in pipe as bait.

Step 4

Sprinkle 1–2 Tbsp salt on either side of leaves.

Step 5

Check trap each day, removing dead snails, replacing wilted lettuce and topping up salt. 

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