Five ingredients that take baked vegetables to the next level

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Eaten as a side or on their own, baked vegetables should be a staple in all meal plans. 

The best part is, they can be jazzed up so many different ways – and you’ll never get sick of eating them. 

While salt, pepper and oil, are a given when it comes to seasoning your veg, here are five other ways to make the best-baked vegetables.

Flavoured oil

We already mentioned oil, but swapping out your plain olive oil for something with a little more zing (think garlic or coconut) will add another layer of flavour to your vegies.

Citrus fruits

Once you’ve selected and cooked your vegetables, a zesty way to add flavour is by squeezing a lemon, lime or orange over them. 

roast pumpkin
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Cheese lovers will already know this, but adding cheese to your roast vegetables will make a huge difference. Think feta, goats or Parmesan cheese, you can thank us later.

Curry sauce

Who doesn’t love a bit of curry, a simple way to spice up your vegetables with some curry sauce for a delicious meat-free Monday meal. 


Slice up some bacon and roast it together with your vegetables. Not only will your bacon be nice and crispy, your vegetables will have a lovely smoky flavour.

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