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5 reasons you need a brush attachment for your drill

Who needs elbow grease?

There’s nothing worse than getting down on the cold, hard floor to scrub mould from the bathroom tiles, or reaching to clean those angry food splatters on the back of the oven.

When I moved into my apartment, I had one focus: how can I make cleaning easier, quicker and less physically demanding? I wandered into a hardware shop on a mission, and behold, I found an answer.

Who says a drill can only build things? Now, it can clean things too.

1. There’s A Scrubber Head For Everything

There’s a variety of attachments to choose from, each with a different stiffness, shape and size. Need soft bristles to clean the windows? There’s a brush for that. Cleaning tough dirt from pavement? There’s a brush for that. Want an extra-shiny sink? There’s a brush for that. Got marks on a pot that requires a lot of elbow grease? There’s a brush for that.

If you want to go all out (like me), I purchased every single brush head, including scouring pads and non-abrasive scrubbing sponges. It also came with an extension attachment, so I will no longer be breaking my back to clean grime.

Clean kitchen sink
(Image: Getty) (Credit: Image: Getty)

2. Done with the press of a button

Sometimes cleaning feels like an upper body workout and since using the attachments, it hasn’t been as physically demanding.

All I do is attach the scrubber of my preference, press a button, then sit back and watch as it scrubs away at the grime. Sometimes I adjust the pressure from harder or lighter depending on the spot, but it halves the cleaning time.

3. Pair It With Any Cleaning Product

Whether I use tough chemicals or natural-based products to clean my apartment, the drill head attachments don’t discriminate! To get really tough stains out, I lather a layer of gumption and then go over it with the drill brush, while for easier to clean spots I use soapy water.

Clean white bathroom
The secret to gleaming bathroom surfaces without breaking a sweat? A drill brush cleaning attachment. (Image: Getty) (Credit: Image: Getty)

4. It’s Compact, Affordable And Can Be Used Anywhere

Instead of having a million cleaning tools, now all I need is a drill. Once I’m finished, I pack them in a small basket and hide them away in my laundry. The brush attachments are affordable, with prices varying between $20 – $40 for up to 22 brush heads if bought in a pack.

Aside from cleaning around the home, I’ve also used it to clean my car. Handy hack: I use the paddle brush to loosen up dust from the floor mats before vacuuming.

5. All-Rounder Power Tool

Not everyone has a drill lying around but if you’re going to invest in any tool – it’s a great place to start. When I got mine, a world of possibilities opened and suddenly, I was DIY-ing everything. There’s no need to pay someone to fix my broken door knob, hang my frames or build my IKEA furniture. I can do it on my own!

Shop the hack

RotoScrub drill brush cleaning attachments

RotoScrub bathroom cleaning drill accessory, $24.99, Amazon

RotoScrub’s drill cleaning set has been reviewed over 3500 times on Amazon. It has a devoted following who claim it easily busts through grime like soap scum, polishing lacklustre tiles, cleaning grout and removing dried-on stains from splashbacks. 


Ozito 16-piece drill cleaning set

Ozito 16-piece drill brush set, $27.90, Bunnings

Ozito’s 16-piece drill brush set is great value for money with a combination of brushes, scrubbing pads and more. One reviewer says they were able to successfully banish calcium spots on their shower glass. It is compatible with most drill brands on the market and can be used to clean everything from tyres to tile grout and around fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. 


DrillBrush Amazon

Drill brush power scrubber, $50.50, Amazon

If it’s drill cleaning brushes you’re after, Drillbrush’s 3-brush set is another cult-favourite. With this set you can clean carpets, clean your car or finally tackle the grime that’s accumulated in the track of your sliding door. 


Ryobi brush cleaning set

Ryobi drill brush cleaning set, $34.99, Bunnings

If you’re a Ryobi die-hard, you’ll love the brand’s simple 5-piece drill brush set which comes with a hard bristle brush, medium bristle brush, round bristle brush and an extension bar. Nylon brushes make easy work of tough grease and grime. 


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