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The Bunnings rave might actually be happening

Big brands are weighing in on the bizarre Bunnings rave

Bunnings Warehouse has been called to host a rave in-store and is that not the most Aussie thing you’ve heard? Picture their famous sausage sizzles, plant decor and a decked-up dancefloor with music streaming through their PA system.

It all began on Tiktok, where even the wildest ideas become a reality. Sydney music producer, Kaila created a catchy remix of Bunning’s advertising jingle and it went viral, amassing over 400k views.

He prompted viewers to tag Bunnings and suggested Peking Duk and electronic producer What So Not perform at a rave in-store, and it looks like the idea might have a fighting chance.

Watch Peking Duk’s Instagram remix of Bunnings’ jingle

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Chris Emerson of What So Not has confirmed he’s eager to make it happen.

“DJing in a Bunnings’ car park is not the idea I had in mind when we started this dance revival tour… but hey maybe this is the ironic future of the dance music industry,” Emerson said on Tiktok.

But of course, there’s no Bunnings rave without the chain getting involved. Bunnings has spoken up and said they’ll “bring the decks”, triggering a domino of brands offering their services.

“If the decks are on you, the rides are on us,” Uber replied.

JBL jumped on the bandwagon, “Guess you’ll be needing a few partyboxes.”

Let’s not forget the snacks and refreshments – Smith’s chips offered snacks, dinner will be sorted with panini provided by Piccolo Panini Bar and Pepsi and Rockstar Energy are going to keep everyone hydrated.

Only time will tell if the rave actually goes ahead, but if it does, it’ll be sure to go down in history.

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