Dr Harry meets a pup who has a penchant for chewing shoes

This winery-born dog loves a good loafer!
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Wherever wine is made you’re likely to find a wine dog wandering through the grapevines, meeting and greeting guests and trailing the winemaker around. At Borambola Wines in rural NSW, you’ll find Taco, the 14-month-old Springer Spaniel who loves pats and tummy rubs from guests. But Taco has a habit of chewing stolen shoes, hats and other goodies beyond repair and not coming when called. With a big road nearby, that could be a dangerous problem. Can Dr Harry bring Taco’s shenanigans under control, or will there be a Mexican standoff?

For more information, visit the website: Borambola Wines | Wagga Wagga & Gundagai NSW

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