How to start decluttering when overwhelmed

Don't put it off any longer.

If you’ve been putting off decluttering your house, you aren’t the only one. The thought alone can be stressful. Thankfully, many tips and tricks exist on how to start decluttering when overwhelmed. 

Here are some handy decluttering tips that will help you get started.

How to start decluttering when overwhelmed

Accept that decluttering can bring on some big feeling

Our homes influence our well-being, and clutter, seen as having too much stuff, is linked to the belief that our identity depends on what we own. This connection makes it hard to declutter because our possessions often evoke emotional responses like attachment, fear of needing items later, or hope for future use.

Decluttering becomes challenging due to these emotional ties, leading to procrastination. The first step is to acknowledge the decluttering process may bring up some big emotions. 

Don’t tackle everything at once

Despite the clutter in your home, it didn’t all appear in one go. So, getting rid of it in one decluttering session is impossible. Instead, start small and focus on one area or category at a time to avoid burnout. Working through your cluttered home gradually is more sustainable. 

how to declutter when overwhlemed

Make a plan

Not only is the feeling of checking items off a list satisfying, but making a plan will help you stay on track and stop you from getting sidetracked. It also helps to make a permanent appointment with yourself where you carry on with your decluttering list. Set aside an hour a week and slowly work through your home. 

Start with the easy stuff

In your chosen area, begin throwing out things you need to eliminate. Without thinking about it too much, grab the items in plain sight you don’t want anymore. This helps build momentum without overthinking the process.

Sort what’s left

Organise items into categories before discarding them. This approach provides a clearer understanding of what you have and what is genuinely essential. You can tackle the decluttering process section by section.

decluttering clothes when overwhelmed

Don’t be afraid to let things go

Remember, letting go of things you no longer need or use is okay. Procrastination can be a stumbling block in decluttering. So, if you’re unsure about an item, make a decision rather than postpone it. It also helps to create clear criteria before starting to help with decision-making. 

Don’t buy storage containers until you’ve finished decluttering

The more storage you have, the more stuff you will hoard. Once you have finished decluttering a room, ensure every item left has a home. That’s when you work out how much storage you need to buy

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