How to organise your bathroom if you’re a beauty junkie

Stylish storage ideas.

If you’re the kind of person who finds putting on a face of makeup a strangely soothing experience, or who loves taking some time to practice self-care with pampering and face masks, then your bathroom is probably filled to the brim with skincare and cosmetic products that are haphazardly stored in whatever available space you have.

Taking the time to correctly organise, store and display your prized possessions will not only make your bathroom tidier, it will make the space cleaner and more functional, not to mention provide easier access your favourite lippy or hair treatment.

Here’s how to organise your bathroom if you’re a beauty junkie.

1. Do a clean out

Go through all your cosmetics and skincare and remove anything that is expired or has seen better days. There’s no point holding on to old products that are breeding grounds for bacteria and infections. Choice recommends lipstick can last 12 months from opening,  foundation six months from opening, mascara and liquid eyeliner last three months from opening and self-tanner last six months from opening.

2. Maximise your storage

If your bathroom is tiny invest in some over-the-door hanging shelves or soft organisational pockets to increase your available space in the bathroom. Additionally, you can attach magnetic or suction-cup storage devices to tiles, mirrors or glass to neatly store a hairdryer, straightener, curling tong or hairbrushes.

3. Group your products by type

Pick up a few affordable boxes, baskets, trays or Perspex organisers from your local homewares store (think Kmart, Target, BigW, H&M Home or IKEA) and arrange them inside your bathroom cupboard or drawers. Allocate a box or tray to each face products, eye products, skin care, nails and body. This way all your similar products are grouped together and you know exactly where you need to look to find an eyeliner, nail polish or moisturiser.

4. Keep your everyday products within easy reach

If you have a few products you use every day without fail, such as a moisturiser, sunscreen, tinted moisturiser or perfume, pick up a chic tray and arrange them artfully on the tray on top of your bathroom vanity so they are within easy reach each morning, but never look messy.

5. Transform the ordinary into something beautiful

Keep things such as cotton buds, tissues, cotton makeup remover pads and other similar products in gorgeous glass jars r bowls and pop them on an easily accessible shelf. Neat, tidy, stylish and easy access when you’re in a rush!

Tip: Try washing and upcycling old glass candle vessels, mason jars or other pretty thins you’ve collected at home for storing cotton products.

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