These are Kmart’s most popular products

The must-have buys that get more bang for your buck.

Shopping at Kmart is a delightful experience for anyone living on a budget. It makes you feel like a king as you add fluffy cushions and sweet-smelling candles to your trolley with reckless abandon. Alas, many people are quick to write off the affordable retailer off as selling mass-produced low-quality products.

However, any Kmart shopper would know that some products are absolutely worth their price tag, and in many cases, outshine their more expensive counterparts from high-end department stores.

1. Pie maker, $20

pie maker
(Credit: Kmart)

This mini pie maker has surpassed all expectations. Not only can you prepare delicious beef, chicken and veg pies in this appliance but fans have found a way to make sweet treats with it too. 

2. Blender, $49

(Credit: Kmart)

The Home & Co blender might not look particularly fancy but this affordable whizzer holds its own against other blenders priced up to $2000.

3. Air fryer, $49

air fryer
(Credit: Kmart)

Cooking has never been easier since air fryers came on the market, there’s even a cheat sheet on how to make anything using one. Kmart’s version has long stood the test of time as one of the top rated air fryers, with over 1700 five-star reviews.

4. Towels, $10

(Credit: Kmart)

Although some of Kmart’s towels have gotten a bad rap, it seems that the Anko Australian Cotton Bath Towels actually does the job pretty well. One Sydney woman even claimed it was better than the luxury $50 Sheridan towel she’d been using before.

5. Native animal prints, $19 each

kmart prints
(Credit: Kmart)

Kmart’s simple photographic canvases of native Aussie animals have become a staple in any Kmart lovers home. The prints, a koala, kookaburra, and kangaroo, have popped up all over popular Facebook groups where fans have decorated them with art and craft supplies.   

6. Cotton aruba throw, $25

(Credit: Kmart)

This classic throw may not have all the bells and whistles that pricier blankets do, but it will keep you cosy throughout winter, making it worth the pocket-friendly price tag.

7. Weighted blanket, $49

(Credit: Kmart)

Weighted blankets have recently become a popular remedy for a sleepless night. While they can go for hundreds of dollars – making them more a luxury than a solution – Kmart’s affordable version has proven to be just as effective. 

8. Smart kettle, $59

(Credit: Kmart)

This smart kettle connects to Wi-Fi, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can turn it on from anywhere in your home, including your bed. Plus, it looks pretty too. 

9. Wine bag, $25

wine bag
(Credit: Kmart)

Kmart Cooler Bag with Beverage Pouch is a handbag with a built-in wine dispenser so you can drink in public on the sly. It’s the perfect addition to a beach day, or picnic in the park.

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