How to grow an indoor water garden with Kmart items

A simple DIY to add some greenery to your home.
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Kmart and indoor plants are two things we all love, as both are inexpensive and effortless ways to improve your interiors. 

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The latest DIY hack taking over social media combines both Kmart and indoor plants to create a stunning indoor water garden. 

While our infatuation with all things leafy is showing no signs of slowing down, starting a veggie garden is not for everyone. If you’re a novice gardener and still struggle to tell a fiddle leaf from a peace lily, then this simple plant hack from Kmart is just want you need.

Ditch the soil and tools and get stuck into an afternoon of ‘indoor gardening’ instead. All you need is to pick up a water vessel from Kmart and clippings from an existing houseplant.  

Though you can use any container for the plant hack, social media users have adopted the trend using jugs and glass water bottles from Kmart.

(Credit: Jody Lanarus)

How to create an indoor water garden

Growing plants in water is easier than you think. Once you have a vessel, fill it three-quarters full with your choice of crumbled Styrofoam, gravel, pearl chips, pebbles, sand, marbles, or beads. According to Gardening Know How, you can also use florists foam.

Then, using water soluble fertiliser, dilute it with water to create a mix and add to the jug. Add a small piece of charcoal (or a pinch) to keep the water clear and clean. The last step is to add in your plant clipping of choice.

The DIY works just as well if you use a plant with roots. All you have to do is take the plant out of the soil, wash the roots clean, and add to water and vase. Change the water every 10-days to keep mozzies at bay, and you can even spray with seasol once a month if needed.

What plants can you use for an indoor water garden

Some of the best picks include Chinese evergreen, devil’s Ivy, fiddle leaf fig, jade plant, rubber plant, aloe vera, spider plant and a peace lily, dumbcane, English ivy, philodendron, anthiriums, Moses-in-a-cradle, pothos, arrowhead, and inch plant. 

(Credit: Grace Li)

This simple, meditative DIY will add some greenery into your home and improve the quality of air at the same time. It’s a handy way to grow plants as it is low-maintenance and practically disease and pest resistant, so you won’t have to worry about those pesky gnats anymore.

While the process is a bit slower than growing plants in soil, it will thrive and remain lush for a long time. Make as many as you want and perch them on your windowsill or coffee table for a stunning indoor plant feature.  

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