5 garden supply items for under $10 that will change your life

Looking for simple ways to create a garden?

If you love the idea of a lush garden at home but aren’t as handy as you’d like to be, then here’s a host of secret weapons to make your green dreams come true.

Whites classic fence hook

For the simplest vertical garden, this clever hook is recurred under the rim of your Colorbond fence. Simply lock in place and hang pots along its length to your heart’s desire. Pick it up from Bunnings today for $5.50.

(Credit: Bunnings)

Gardman Hi-Lo hanging basket hook

This clever hook works on a ratchet mechanism, allowing you to lower your hanging plant for easy watering and care – no excuses! Find it or something similar at Bunnings for under $10. 

(Credit: Bunnings)

Fish bowl vase

If you’re short on time, space, yard or the whole idea of an outdoor garden fills you with dread, consider making your own terrarium in a fish bowl. It’ll set you back only $10 at Kmart.

(Credit: Kmart)
(Credit: Nielsen Ramon on Unsplash)

Pot trellis

A trellis extends the growing surface for climbing plants, without the need to affix and hardware to walls or fences. This one can be used indoors or outdoors and sits cleverly inside the pot to train your greenery upwards and outwards. Pick one up at either Ikea or Bunnings. 

(Credit: Ikea)

Icon garden hose & lead hanger

This might seem too simple but having your hose stored neatly and close at hand to your garden will encourage you to water it more often. Rather than lugging a hose from a distance this hook can be mounted wherever needed, or fitted to your tap for neat storage. Grab it from Big W for $4. 

(Credit: Big W)

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This article originally appeared on Home Beautiful. 

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