The 10 best things about living in outback Australia

A place filled with natural beauty.

Living in the Australian outback may seem like an unfair punishment to some of us, but to others the rural location is an idyllic place of natural beauty, peace and freedom. Kaia Wright is a writer, Golden 8 Skincare ambassador and the wife of National Geographic’s Outback Wrangler, Matt Wright. Living in the outback of the Northern territory, Kaia offers a unique insight into life in the outback.

The top 10 benefits of life in the outback

  1. The freedom. There’s nothing better than hitting the road or jumping in the chopper and getting away from all the people and city lights.
  2. No traffic is a big plus. If I go into Darwin city the worse it gets is a three-car bank up.
  3. Being so close to nature. I feel spoilt having waterfalls and open floodplains in my back yard.
  4. The pace of life. It’s so nice living simply and slowly.
  5. The incredible animals. The Top End has amazingly diverse wildlife; the birds, crocs and marine life. 
  6. It’s hot all year round, so no need to get away for a European summer! 
  7. The Fishing. I love getting out on the boat for the weekend. And of course, cooking up the fresh Barra for dinner afterwards is delish.
  8. The Diversity. The NT Outback has everything from the Rock, to beautiful tropical oases and natural hot springs.
  9. The characters and friendly people. Out bush, everyone says g’day with a smile.
  10. The community. There is still such a strong sense of community and people coming together here.
Northern Territory outback
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What are the cons of living in the outback?

“The build-up in the wet season. While the humidity is great for beautiful dewy skin – the sun can also be very harsh. Living in the elements can knock your body about, and because you can’t swim in the ocean up here (thanks to the crocs & marine life) a pool is a must,” says Kaia. “There isn’t too much else – maybe that there’s only one organic veggie store and the shopping is pretty minimal – but that’s what holidays are for!”

Thermal springs in Northern Territory
(Credit: Getty)

What kind of person do you need to be to enjoy life in the Australian outback?

“Easy going, minimalistic, a nature and animal lover,” says Kaia. “The laid-back lifestyle is perfect for me, I can get around in my boots and a loose dress – the lifestyle really reflects my personal style.”

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