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Fridge or pantry: Where should Vegemite be stored?

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Vegemite, and where to store it, is causing a strain on household relationships.

One the one hand, some say the delicious jar of vegemite is perfectly fine kept on the shelf in a cupboard. On the other hand, others like to keep it in the fridge.

In an article for Good Food, food writer Richard Cornish answers this question once and for all.

A reader going by the name of L.Meagher sent in the very valid question. 

“My housemate keeps leaving the Vegemite out on the kitchen bench. I say it belongs in the fridge. Who is right? L. Meagher,” they wrote. 

“Neither. Your housemate is a slob,” writes Richard, in response. “The Vegemite should be put back in the pantry where it belongs.

“There it will remain quite happy until its use by date. Don’t waste energy keeping it cool.”

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