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This compact food processor wants to chop your prep time in half

The perfect device to save time in the kitchen.

Whether it’s upgrading from store-bought pesto or blending up a comforting soup for dinner, a food processor is a total game-changer for any kitchen.

But, if you have an old, clunky model that’s difficult to clean, chances are yours has wound up collecting dust at the back of the kitchen cupboard. Thankfully, food processors have come a long way in recent years.

Take Breville’s Paradice 9 for example, its most compact and powerful food processor yet. Perfect for those low on bench space or storage, the Paradice 9 is a worthy investment to level up your meal times — from baking bread to creating your own spring roll filling.

breville food processor

Available in stainless steel, black and white, the Paradice 9 is surprisingly hardy and built to last, sporting a heavy-duty induction motor. It also comes with a BPA-free, impact-and shock-resistant bowl, a reversible shredder, an adjustable slicer with 15 different levels, a dough blade, and an S blade.

We all know the thrill of buying a new appliance, only to discover that key accessories aren’t actually included in the box and need to be bought separately. In what might be this appliance’s biggest selling point, that’s not the case here.

The box includes a ‘Paradice kit’ with a 12mm dicing blade, grid and cleaner – AKA the perfect tool for creating delectable fruit salads, minus the arm workout. You simply push the fruit through the wide feed chute and voila, perfectly cubed melons, dragonfruit, apple, you name it!

The generous 120mm feed chute is perfect for those eager to eliminate time spent pre-chopping ingredients. Or, for decreasing the chances of spilling your precious soup all over your counter (we’ve all been there).

breville food processor

Each of these attachments can be housed in the Paradice 9’s integrated storage caddy — an all-in-one spot designed to preserve your bench space. Every accessory included in the kit is also colour-coded so you can easily identify which tool to grab without rummaging through your ‘everything’ drawer.

Set-up and clean-up are also a breeze, thanks to the Paradice 9’s easy-to-assemble (and disassemble) design. The bowl is dishwasher safe, too, so you don’t have to worry about handwashing it in the sink, leaving you more time to relish every bite of your meal.

You can shop the Breville Paradice 9 here for $549.

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