Ben & Jerry’s take ice-cream to the next level

Crack through extra layers!

Ice cream aficionados Ben & Jerry’s have just launched two brand new mouth-watering flavours for Aussie fans to indulge in.

The two new flavours hitting stores are Salted Caramel Brownie and Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough. But wait, there’s a twist.  

Unlike all the classic flavours before, these two are stepping things up a notch as both tubs will come with a thick top fudgy layer of chocolate and choc-chunks to enjoy before you even get to the ice-cream! It’s a sweet tooth’s heaven. 

Open tubs of Ben and Jerry's
(Credit: Ben & Jerry’s) (Credit: Ben & Jerry’s)

The Salted Caramel Brownie flavour is a vanilla ice-cream that oozes with chewy chocolate chunks and layers upon layers of caramel.

The Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough is a rich chocolate ice-cream broken up by spoonsful of cookie dough bits and a drizzling of caramel. For that extra sweetness (not that it needs it) don’t forget both will have a hard chocolate top layer to crack.

Having already become a hit across the pond, these newest flavours have finally made their way Down Under and are available exclusively at Coles supermarkets and Coles online.

Go and grab yourself one of the two (or maybe both) from your local Coles freezer aisle, responsibly of course, and demolish a tub tonight!

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