Rhubarb pie

The star toppers hide a creamy surprise underneath!
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Serves 4
1H 20M

With the end of winter, Ed’s making use of produce that is perfectly ripe right now; and that means rhubarb pies. If you haven’t attempted to make pastry before, Ed will show you an easy way to make it and form it into little pie moulds using dishes you might already have in your cupboard. Cream cheese delightfully complements the rhubarb filling with the end result being both impressive and delicious.

Please note that this recipe includes 1 hour and 20 mins of chilling time.




Grate Brazil nuts on the smallest holes of a box grater or a microplane (or put in a food processor until finely chopped), then mix with flours and ½ cup of the sugar in a large bowl. Add butter and rub until only small flecks of butter can be seen, then add egg and extra yolk, mixing until dough is smooth. Flatten, wrap in plastic wrap, then refrigerate for 1 hour. 


Meanwhile, preheat oven to 180°C fan-forced (200°C conventional). Combine rhubarb, remaining sugar, orange zest and juice in a large saucepan and cook on low heat until sugar has dissolved. Increase heat to medium, cook for 30 minutes, until thick and deep red. Cool. 


Grease the outside of four 9-10cm wide, 5cm deep ovenproof dishes and place, upturned, on an oven tray. Roll dough to 5mm thick, then cut discs 3cm wider than dishes and drape over dishes, pressing gently to achieve a smooth and flat finish. Refrigerate for 20 minutes until firm.


Roll any remaining dough to 3mm thick and cut assorted star sizes from dough. Arrange on a lined oven tray. Bake pastry shells and stars for 20 minutes until golden. Cool shells for 5 minutes, then gently remove shells from pan (careful as they will be delicate) and cool on a wire rack.


Using a wooden spoon, beat cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla under smooth, then spoon into cooled shells. Top with rhubarb and pastry stars. Serve dusted with icing sugar. 

Rhubarb pies

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