Where to buy plants online: 9 stores that deliver plants to your door

Plus the best pots and planters to buy.

With the rise of social media plant influencers and plant-related apps that help you choose and style them, it’s safe to say that plants are moving more into the digital space.

Whether you’re look to pad out your indoor garden or are after a plant for your desk, these online retailers make it easier than ever. With most offering next-day delivery or a subscription service which drops a new plant off at your door every month, who could resist?

Say goodbye to nurseries and start shopping at these top online plant stores instead. 

1. Plants in a box

tall little plants
(Credit: plantsinabox/Instagram)

This Queensland-based retailer stocks over 500 varieties of plants and offers same-day delivery to the Gold Coast area and free shipping Australia wide. Plants can be searched by indoor, outdoor, environment, height and whether they’re native to Australia. You can even narrow it down even more to categories like pet-friendly and air-purifying. 

2. Uprooted

Caladium Poison Dart Frog (Credit: Uprooted/Instagram)

Uprooted is a Melbourne-based plant shop that sells a variety of stunning greenery as well as cute plant-themed key rings and pins. With such a user-friendly site and gigantic range, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for here. Currently they ship daily to QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA. 

3. Leaf Supply

(Credit: leaf_supply/Instagram)

This trendy indoor plant and pot delivery service sources its range from the best local nurseries and offers same-day delivery for its fellow Sydneysiders. The site offers a chance to learn more about plant care with its video tutorials and book range, plus you can pick up all the accessories you need including pots, watering cans and secateurs. 

4. Little Succers

(Credit: littlesuccers/Instagram)

With a slogan like ‘because flowers die’, you know this online shop is going to be quirky. Started by creative agency Dream & Do, this colourful site offers succulents, terrarium kits, paint and pots as well as its own merch.

5. Crazy Plant People

woman with plants
(Credit: Helloplantlover/Instagram)

After a curated plant pack that can be delivered straight to your door? Crazy Plant People puts together an edited selection of plants, including a foliage pack and a hanging pack. With a quality assurance process and a love of nature indoors, you’re in good hands here. Shipping is a flat rate of $15 for all orders and delivers to NSW, QLD, VIC & SA. 

6. Home of House Plants

big leaf
Caladium bicolor ‘red bellly’ (Credit: Home of House Plants)

If you’re after hard-to-find plants, give Home of House Plants a go. They’re a boutique grower which stock rare plants that are only available in limited quantities. They ship once a week Australia-wide with special conditions for WA, NT and Tasmania

7. Bloomspace

green plant nad wall
Devil’s Ivy (Credit: Bloomspace_au/Instagram)

Sydney-based Bloomspace has a wide range of plants available to suit all needs including pet-friendly, low-light and low-maintenance plants. They offer Australia-wide delivery to NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and ACT with proceeds from every sale are donated to global reforestation efforts. 

8. More Plants

(Credit: _more_plants/Instagram)

Run by a plant enthusiast, this Sydney-based store stocks every popular plant including monstera deliciosa, devil’s ivy and philodendron, as well as a range of pots, plant kits and hand trowels. 

9. Australian Plants Online

plants in box delivered
(Credit: Australianplants/Instagram)

This retailer sells over 1000 kinds of plants seasonally and ships nation-wide. Delivery rates start from $15.95 and should arrive with 1-2 weeks, depending on location, size and availability. Plants are grown and sold as tubestock plants, meaning they’re young plants between 5cm and 15cm tall, grown from a cutting, seed or tissue culture. With a rich fertile soil and regular irrigation they’ll grow abundantly.

Best pots and planters to buy 

When buying new indoor plants for your home it’s easy to forget about displaying them in a beautiful pot or planter. Here are our top seven picks.

1. Gradvis pot, $5.99, Ikea

pnik pot
(Credit: Ikea)

This pretty-in-pink fluted flowerpot is 12cm in diameter and will add a lovely pop of colour to your indoor plant collection. 

2. Ellebo hanging planter, $49.95, Freedom

hanging plant
(Credit: Freedom)

Transform your outdoor space with this stunning planter crafted from powder stone and fibreglass. Not only will this hanging planter showcase your tumbling foliage, but it will add a touch of Scandi-style to your home. 

3. Sand goblet planter, $90, Aura Home

(Credit: Aura Home)

This handcrafted planter is the perfect blend of utility and elegance. From its light sand colour to its marble texture and symmetrical shape, its versatile design will suit both indoor or outdoor spaces. 

4. Bau plant pot, $76, Amara

grey plant pot
(Credit: Amara)

This elevated warm grey plant pot was made from galvanised steel and crafted with fine textured grooves. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with drainage holes in the bottom. 

5. Samoa Face Planter, $49.95, Bed Bath N’ Table

plant pot
(Credit: Bed Bath N’ Table)

Fill this playful ceramic pot with fragrant blooms and pop it on display in your home. 

6. Home Republic Benoa natural Rattan Pots, from $39.99, Adairs

ratan pot
(Credit: Adairs)

This stylish, rattan pot would make the perfect addition to any boho-style home. It comes in all different sizes, from small which stands at 18 cm to extra large at 32 cm tall. Best suited for indoor use, be sure to remove the plant when watering. 

7. Eva Solo Self Watering Orchid Pot, $150, Hard to Find

orchid in pot
(Credit: Hard to Find)

As one of the most popular plants and also one of the most difficult, a self-watering plant may be just what you need to keep your orchid alive. This low-maintenance pot allows the orchid to draw up the water when needed and will easily blend in with your home decor. 

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