The 10 best cities worth visiting in 2020

According to Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list.
vancouver canada
Vancouver, Canada, took 8th place.

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There are three types of holiday people: those who love to kick back and relax by the beach, those who love thrills and adventure, and those who love cities. If you happen to be a city-slicker, we have news for you.

Respected travel guide resource Lonely Planet has released its Best in Travel lists for 2020, and named 10 of the best cities worth visiting this year, and you may be surprised by the city that took out the top spot.

vancouver canada
Vancouver, Canada, took 8th place. (Credit: Getty)

Salzburg in Austria has been named as the number one city to visit in 2020, thanks to the Salzburg Festival, a multi-day event dedicated to opera, classical music and everything the alpine country is known for, which will be celebrating 100 years in 2020.

Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg, Austria (Credit: Getty)

Check out the full list of cities below.

  1. Salzburg, Austria
  • The Salzburg Festival celebrates its 100th birthday with a year full of classical music and arts.
  1. Washington DC, USA
  • Washington is experiencing a rebirth with the openings of new museums, foodie experiences, innovative floating wetland systems and a revitalised waterfront.
  1. Cairo, Egypt
  • 2020 marks the opening of Cairo’s Grand Egyptian Museum, an in-depth look at the history or Egyptian civilisation.
  1. Galway, Ireland
  • One of Irelands most engaging cities, Galway is home to lovely pubs, bohemian culture, live music, art, theatre, dance and endless other creative experiences.
  1. Bonn, Germany
  • To celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday, Bonn will showcase musical concerts, operas, art installations and art performances all year round.
  1. La Paz, Bolivia
  • Home to the world’s largest cable car system, La Paz has seen a resurgence in indigenous cuisine, arts and culture.
  1. Kochi, India
  • This chilled-out city in Southern India has boho cafes, intimate home stays, galleries and colonial architecture.
  1. Vancouver, Canada
  • Home to the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, Vancouver has an updated public transport system, countless sites to see and green spaces in abundance.
  1. Dubai, UEA
  • Dubai wins a place on this list thanks to hosting 2020 events such as World Expo 2020, Museum of the Future and the opening of fantasy resort The World.
  1. Denver, USA
  • This up-and-coming city is now home to amazing food experiences, museums, theme parks, museums and creative energy.

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