5 incredible destinations to visit in 2020

Get ready for a year of adventure

A new year is on our doorstep and we hope you are ready to fill it with unforgettable experiences and adventures! To inspire your travel plans for the year to come, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Collette to bring you a list of some of the best destinations for 2020. Where will the New Year take you?

Sicily and Malta

The Mediterranean is renowned for its sparkling turquoise waters, beautiful coastlines and the laidback lifestyle of its islands’ inhabitants. But it’s also a region that has seen the rise and fall of ancient civilisations, has birthed philosophy and mythology and has been influenced by a beautiful mosaic of cultures such as the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans. On the stunning islands of Sicily and Malta, you can re-trace thousands of years of history as you explore sun-soaked medieval towns, visit archaeological treasures and, of course, enjoy the warm hospitality and incredible flavours the Mediterranean is famous for.


Are you ready to stand on the edge of the world? Adventurers and nature lovers will be in awe of Patagonia, a region at the southernmost tip of South America that spans the Chilean and Argentinian wilderness. This sparsely populated, rugged wonderland allows you to get up close and personal with sprawling glaciers, floating icebergs and the local penguin colonies (if they are up for a chat). Patagonia is a hikers’ paradise, with exquisite national parks and coastlines to explore. It also has some of the freshest air on the planet!

Patagonia (Credit: Getty)

Northern Spain and Portugal

Tucked away in southern Europe lies the lush, fertile region of Northern Spain and Portugal, with a humble yet magnetic charm that has attracted travellers for centuries.

Northern Spain is famous for its iconic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail, which sees about 300,000 travellers walk across country into the beautiful, medieval city of Santiago de Compostela each year. With an incredible food culture, Northern Spain holds claim to having the best cuisine in the country, with seafood being a particular specialty. Meanwhile, there is good reason Portugal was voted the World’s Leading Destination for 2019. With quaint villages, bustling harbours, diverse cities and some of the best food and wine in Europe, Portugal offers everything a fervent traveller desires.

The Baltics

Following a tough history of being held under firm Soviet grip, the region of the Baltics has emerged as a magical travel destination brimming with UNESCO-listed sites, fairytale castles and breath-taking scenery. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia all boast the most charming medieval old towns that today buzz with a fresh and modern arts and culture scene. While in the region, cross the Russian border to explore the magnificent city of St Petersburg, reminiscent of the aristocratic days of Russia’s Imperial era. If you love history, culture and the arts, the Baltics certainly deserve a place on your must-see list.

Tallin Estonia
Tallin (Credit: Getty)


Exploring a destination with a culture and language familiar to our own doesn’t make the adventure any less exciting, and the most northeastern US state of Maine is a perfect example! With its stunning rocky coastline, national parks and impressive maritime history, this extremely charming New England state is an absolute treasure. Explore Maine’s coastal towns and pristine nature and be sure to indulge in the region’s iconic culinary delight – the Maine Lobster, said to be the sweetest and most flavoursome on earth.

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