The simple sleep equation that makes people the happiest

Plus the best time to wake up.

We all know how amazing a good night’s sleep feels, but did you know there’s a simple sleep equation that makes you the happiest? 

A study by Emma Sleep surveyed 1000 participants in Australia, revealing the precise wake-up time that unlocks many benefits, and the results aren’t as bad as you think. 

The best time to wake up

On average, Australians tuck into bed around 10:45pm, rising at 6:45am. However, the study suggests setting your alarm before 6am for an extra boost in productivity. Astonishingly, a quarter of Aussies (23%) already do so.

According to the findings, early risers are more likely to stick to a disciplined morning routine (90%), create positive habits like making the bed (75%), and avoid the snooze button (91%).

For those wondering about the night owls, the study reveals that sleeping past 9 am leads to the least happiness. A mere 55% of those rising after 9am reported waking up happy each day.

bet time to wake up
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The best time to wake up for happiness

The good news is the survey results showed the Aussies who wake between 7.30am and 8 amdeclare they are the happiest (but they clearly don’t have early-rising kids.)

While luxuriously sleeping until 7:30am every morning might sound like a dream, Emma Merritt, Sleep Science Manager for Emma, emphasises the ideal wake-up time varies from person to person.

“When it comes to the optimal time to wake up each day, it depends on the individual and their needs,” says Emma. Instead of sticking to a rigid bedtime and alarm-setting routine, she says to aim for the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep.

Given the average Australian bedtime is 10:45pm, it’s no surprise that those waking between 7:30 am and 8 am report the highest levels of happiness – they’re getting the optimal amount of sleep to start their day at their best.

So there you have it: bedtime + 7-9 hours = a happy human.

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