This genius tip will change the way you organise your home’s storage

Never lose something in storage again.
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Buying the most practical storage for things you don’t need right now is one thing. But what about when you need to find an item you’ve stored but have no idea which box it’s in?

Watch: How to oragnise your storage using QR codes

If this sounds like you, we have the perfect solution: QR codes.

How to organise storage boxes

These ToteBag QR code storage labels will help you easily locate items in storage bags and boxes. Each QR code sticker will tell you what’s inside without opening the box. So you will be able to see exactly what’s inside each storage container with the click of a button. No more rummaging!

qr code for oragnisation

How QR codes work for organising storage

QR codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone or other device using a QR code scanner app. They can be used for various purposes, including organising your storage. 

Not just limited to storage boxes, you can add digital notes to any physical object in your home with smart QR code labels.

In a video shared on TikTok, user Trisha Smith shares how she uses ToteBag QR codes to organise storage for her business. She says, “They’re really great for being able to find stuff easily.” 

storage organisaer
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QR codes for storage organisation

Customers who have reviewed this product say they love how easy these QR codes are to organise their belongings. 

“I love using QR codes! They’re so easy to use you only need a smartphone camera, and you can scan the code to quickly access information.”

Others said they love that you can take photos of everything in the box and attach them to the QR code. 

“Love it. All my plastic totes in the garage have these on them now! App is easy! Scan the code, type in what is in the tote, take a picture as well and off to the next one. I ended up getting so excited about organising. Really like it.”

One reviewer said to stick your stickers onto a card, laminate them and place them before sticking to the box to ensure your QR codes aren’t damaged.

You’ll wish you had these sooner!


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