Retro caravans like you’ve never seen before

A home for the birds
One Man, One Garage

Vintage caravans have never been cuter! These bird houses by Nashville-based design studio One Man, One Garage are handcrafted pieces of nostalgia for every backyard.

The design is based on photos a 1974 Scotty caravan, and features incredible attention to detail with striped awnings, window boxes, curtains, a spare tire, levelling jack, a welcome mat, two flamingos, and a classic Weber style barbecue.

Vintage caravan bird house kits
(Credit: One Man, One Garage )

The bird houses come in flat-packed birch cards, with 40 laser-cut pieces that punch out. The pieces snap together so no glue is required.

Vintage caravan bird house
(Credit: One Man, One Garage )

The kits are available in a natural, unpainted version you can customise yourself, as well as in a range of pre-stained vintage colours.

Vintage caravan bird house
(Credit: One Man, One Garage )

The finished caravan is approximately 23cm long, 15cm wide (with awnings), and almost 13cm tall, so it’s big enough to house a small bird family.

The vintage camper bird house is available from One Man, One Garage’s Etsy store and is AU$34.48 (plus AU$30 for shipping to Australia).

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